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Human papillomavirus-based triage of women showing a cervical cytology result of borderline or mild dyskaryosis
The role of human papillomavirus testing in the management of women with low-grade abnormalities
Termination of pregnancy for fetal anomaly after 23 weeks of gestation
Trends in incidence and mortality for triplets in Norway 1967–2006
Selected neonatal outcomes in dizygotic twins after IVF versus non-IVF pregnancies
Pregnancy outcome in women with repaired versus unrepaired isolated ventricular septal defect
Single- versus double-layer hysterotomy closure at primary caesarean delivery and bladder adhesions
Clinical and geographical variation in prophylactic and therapeutic treatments for pre-eclampsia in the UK
Elevated levels of decidual insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1 in cervical fluid in early and mid-pregnancy are associated with an increased risk of spontaneous preterm delivery
Uterine blood flow in pregnant patients with polycystic ovary syndrome
Diagnostic accuracy of noninvasive polymerase chain reaction testing for the determination of fetal rhesus C, c and E status in early pregnancy
A randomised trial of a retropubic tension-free vaginal tape versus a mini-sling for stress incontinence
Invasive cervical cancer audit
Laparoscopic assisted radical vaginal hysterectomy versus radical abdominal hysterectomy—a randomised phase II trial
A series of 400 laparoscopic hysterectomies for benign disease
Association study of four key folliculogenesis genes in polycystic ovary syndrome
Few fathers-to-be prefer caesarean section for the birth of their baby
Diurnal variation is lost in preterm deliveries before 28 weeks of gestation
For perimortem caesarean section, the surgical knife is the most important instrument
Surgical training in gastrointestinal procedures within a UK gynaecological oncology subspeciality programme
Surgical training in gastrointestinal procedures within a UK gynaecological oncology subspecialty programme
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