Our love affair with misoprostol over the last 20 years : FC1.01
Outcomes with same-day cervical preparation with Dilapan-S osmotic dilators and vaginal misoprostol before dilatation and evacuation at 18 to 21 + 6 weeks of gestation : FC1.02
Most women choosing termination of pregnancy are certain of their decision and do not need more counselling : FC1.03
Experience and decision-making on conducting the unsafe termination of pregnancy: Thai context : FC1.04
Post-traumatic stress disorder among women requesting induced termination of pregnancy: a Swedish multi-centre study : FC1.05
Task sharing in post-termination of pregnancy care at district level in Uganda; healthcare providers' perception on safe TOP, post-TOP care and contraceptive counselling - an exploratory study : FC1.06
Termination of pregnancy services in Pakistan - a confiscated right : FC1.07
Acceptability of medical termination of pregnancy up to 63 days of gestation with home administration of misoprostol: assessment of significant factors : FC1.08
Regional differences in surgical intervention following medical termination of pregnancy provided by telemedicine : FC1.09
Women's perceptions of viewing ultrasound before termination of pregnancy: comparing first and second trimester : FC1.10
Fatal flaws in a recent meta-analysis on termination of pregnancy and mental health : FC1.11
Women's preference for medical or surgical method of termination of pregnancy at 9–12 weeks of gestation : FC1.12
Safety and effectiveness of termination services performed by doctors versus midlevel providers: a systematic analysis : FC1.13
Effect of contraception provided at termination of pregnancy and incidence of subsequent termination of pregnancy : FC2.01
First Tri deaths: the hidden patterns : FC3.01
Review of telephone follow-up of women having early medical termination of pregnancy : FC3.02
Training midwives and doctors in post-termination of pregnancy care in Gabon and Cameroon : FC4.01
Pregnancy rates among adolescents in Slovenia - the success story : FC4.02
The impact of implants and intrauterine contraceptives provided at an index surgical termination of pregnancy (Jan-June 2008) on repeat termination of pregnancy within 3 years: an audit : P1.01
Continuation rate of contraceptive implant fitted on the day of a termination of pregnancy : P1.02
Interval insertion of IUDs after induced termination of pregnancy: do women come back? : P2.01
How can we best train primary care providers to insert IUDs? : P3.01
Who consults for an emergency pill? Survey about users profile. Comparison between 2008 versus 2011 at the sexual and reproductive health and family planning centre, Geneva's University Hospital, Switzerland : P4.01
'Trust me to be the awkward one': young women's experiences with the contraceptive implant : P4.02
Uptake of independent counselling in addition to termination of pregnancy consultation : P5.01
Contraception use prior to a termination of pregnancy: an international audit at Marie Stopes International : P5.02
Long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) take-up following termination of pregnancy. A local audit : P5.03
Who refuses chlamydia screening in a termination of pregnancy clinic? : P5.04
Outcomes of very early medical termination of pregnancy at ≤6 weeks of gestation : P5.05
Activity of a termination of pregnancy department : P6.01
Screening for chlamydia trachomatis using self-collected vaginal swabs at a public pregnancy termination clinic in France: results of a screen- and-treat policy : P6.02
Medical termination of pregnancy up to the 10th week: an experience of two obstetric centres in Portugal : P6.03
Unplanned pregnancy- a common reason for ectopic pregnancy : P6.04
Situation analysis of family health hospitals of Rahnuma-FPAP about the preparedness to provide effective post-termination of pregnancy care services : P6.05
What is the outcome of pregnancies that continue following administration of mifepristone? : P6.06
Te Mahoe Unit-Wellington NZ-an overview : P6.07
Medical management of unwanted pregnancy in France: modalities and outcomes. The aMaYa study : P6.08
Termination of pregnancy among teenagers - why more surgical terminations? : P6.09
Termination of second trimester pregnancies with mifepristone and misoprostol : P6.10
Do women attending a termination of pregnancy clinic wish to see the ultrasound scan image of their fetus? : P6.11
Abortion then and now: New Zealand Abortion stories 1940–1980 : P7.01
The effects of bad storage conditions on the quality and the related effectiveness of Cytotec® : P7.02
A survey of professionals in sexual and reproductive health in the United Kingdom, about attitudes towards provision of termination of pregnancy care within community sexual and reproductive health (SRH) clinics : P8.01
Termination of pregnancy rights in Northern Ireland - the role of pro-choice activists : P8.02
Level of male participation when unwanted pregnancy is terminated from the perspective of Thai healthcare providers : P8.03
Termination of pregnancy in Lothian: a health needs assessment : P8.04
Midlevel versus physician provision of medical termination of pregnancy- a randomised controlled study : P8.05
Is perceived partner pregnancy intention associated with maternal prenatal and postpartum well-being? : P8.06
Self-assessment of success of early medical termination of pregnancy: a service evaluation : P8.07
Risk factors for repeat termination of pregnancy: implications for addressing unintended pregnancy in Vietnam : P8.08
Development of a post-termination of pregnancy care model : P8.09
Termination of pregnancy at women's request in Portugal - data from the national registry 2008–2011 : P8.10
Young women's experiences of termination of pregnancy and miscarriage : P8.11
The politics of termination of pregnancy in Northern Ireland : P8.12
Misconceptions about termination of pregnancy risks in pro-choice and anti-choice women having terminations : P8.13
A survey of attitudes of staff working within a sexual and reproductive health centre, towards undertaking early medical termination of pregnancy : P8.14
Is there possible sexism in termination of pergnancy decision-making? : P8.15
Medical termination of pregnancy by mifepristone and sublingual misoprostol: preliminary results of their use in reproductive health centre of Nabeul in Tunisia : P8.16
Taking care of teenage termination of pregnancy during the second trimester of pregnancy with solidarity : P8.17