BJOG Editors' Choice
Meeting the challenge of maternal choice in mode of delivery with vaginal birth after caesarean section: a medical, legal and ethical commentary
Safety concerns for planned vaginal birth after caesarean section in sub-Saharan Africa
Minimally invasive therapy for gynaecological symptoms related to a niche in the caesarean scar: a systematic review
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The antenatal diagnosis of placenta accreta
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Caesarean myomectomy: Victor Bonney reports the first case in 1913
Vaginal birth after a caesarean section: the development of a Western European population-based prediction model for deliveries at term
Involving women in personalised decision-making on mode of delivery after caesarean section: the development and pilot testing of a patient decision aid
Blood flow to the scarred gravid uterus at 22–24 weeks of gestation
Risk of maternal and neonatal complications in subsequent pregnancy after planned caesarean section in a first birth, compared with emergency caesarean section: a nationwide comparative cohort study
Consent for vaginal birth after caesarean: changing horses in midstream
Risk of retained placenta in women previously delivered by caesarean section: a population-based cohort study
Is external cephalic version at term contraindicated in previous caesarean section? A prospective comparative cohort study
Long-term complications of caesarean section. The niche in the scar: a prospective cohort study on niche prevalence and its relation to abnormal uterine bleeding