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The power of the MicroMort
Genetic variants and risk of cervical cancer: epidemiological evidence, meta-analysis and research review
Does induction of labour increase the risk of caesarean section? A systematic review and meta-analysis of trials in women with intact membranes
Association and prediction of amniotic fluid measurements for adverse pregnancy outcome: systematic review and meta-analysis
Long-term safety of unopposed estrogen used by women surviving myocardial infarction: 14-year follow-up of the ESPRIT randomised controlled trial
Intravenous ferrous sucrose versus placebo in addition to oral iron therapy for the treatment of severe postpartum anaemia: a randomised controlled trial
The dangers of the day of birth
Management and outcomes for elderly women with vulvar cancer over time
Vulval cancer incidence, mortality and survival in England: age-related trends
Clinical determinants of a positive visual inspection after treatment with acetic acid for cervical cancer screening
Microwave endometrial ablation versus thermal balloon endometrial ablation (MEATBall): 5-year follow up of a randomised controlled trial
Continuous infusion of local anaesthetic following laparoscopic hysterectomy—a randomised controlled trial
What's normal? Influencing women's perceptions of normal genitalia: an experiment involving exposure to modified and nonmodified images
FOR: Women should be free to opt for cosmetic genital surgery
FOR: Cosmetic vulvar surgery is a safe and effective option for our patients
AGAINST: Labiaplasty is an unnecessary cosmetic procedure
AGAINST: The social vulnerability and cultural view of women as sex objects needs to end
Transverse uterine fundal incision for placenta praevia with accreta
Authors' reply: Transverse uterine fundal incision for placenta praevia with accreta
Transverse uterine fundal incision for anterior placenta praevia accreta: More harm than good?
Authors' reply: Transverse uterine fundal incision in placenta praevia with possible placenta accreta
Placenta praevia accreta
Authors' reply: Placenta praevia accreta
A report from #BlueJC: Fertility implications following the surgical management of postpartum haemorrhage