Evaluation of telehealth monitoring in pregnancy using a multimatrix, multipartner model - a Northeast and North Cumbria AHSN Innovation Funded Project
Rifampicin in the treatment of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy
Prediction of medically-indicated preterm delivery in women with chronic vascular disease
The role of endothelial surface layer and renal markers to predict superimposed pre-eclampsia in women with chronic hypertension
Cell-free fetal DNA based non-invasive prenatal testing: a systematic review and meta-analysis of diagnostic accuracy
Evaluation of array comparative genomic hybridisation in prenatal diagnosis of fetal anomalies (EACH Study)
Risk of perinatal loss in twin pregnancies: role of discordance in fetal biometry and doppler indices
Use of tissue Doppler imaging to diagnose fetal inflammation: a proof of concept study
Childhood health problems following planned caesarean delivery at term: a population-based retrospective cohort study of Scottish data
Perineal re-suturing versus expectant management following vaginal delivery complicated by a dehisced wound (PREVIEW): a mixed methods study, incorporating a pilot and feasibility randomised controlled trial
Born out of hours - are maternal and fetal outcomes worse?
The 35/39 trial: a multicentre prospective randomised controlled trial of induction of labour versus expectant management for nulliparous women over 35 years of age
Multicentre RCT comparing abdominal with vaginal cerclage (The MAVRIC Trial)
Loss of situation awareness linked to interruptions during cardiotocograph monitoring in a day assessment unit
CAPs: A UKOSS study of cardiac arrest in pregnancy and the use of perimortem caesarean section
Customised fetal growth charts - sensitive but not specific?
Non-targeted metabolomics in recipient amniotic fluid of monochorionic twin pregnancies complicated by severe twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) and treated by fetoscopic laser ablation (FLC)
Placental vascular indices in normal versus growthrestricted sheep pregnancies
In utero transplantation of human amniotic fluid stem cells in spinal muscular atrophy mice
Recipient cardiac function in response to treatment by either SOLOMON (S0) or selective sequential (SQ) fetoscopic laser coagulation (FLC) in monochorionic twins complicated by twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)
Is first trimester serum pregnancy associated plasma protein A (PAPPA) a good predictor of a small for gestational age (SGA) neonate? Systematic review and meta-analysis
Placental oxygen-enhanced MRI at 3T
Childbirth experience questionnaire: validating its use in the United Kingdom
How can we improve training and service provision in stillbirth bereavement care? A systematic review and meta-analysis of stillbirth bereavement care research
Decision to delivery interval (DDI) for class 1 caesarean section (LSCS) and time out of the room (TOR)
C-reactive protein levels in low risk pregnancy before and after delivery
Does oral carbohydrate supplementation improve labour outcome? A systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysis
Initial experience of using the Tydeman tube in clinical practice
Development of a low-cost vital signs device to detect pre-eclampsia and shock
The treatment of antenatal hypertension with labetalol: a prediction model for successful response
Maternal cardiovascular changes in normotensive pregnancies complicated by small for gestational age neonate versus fetal growth restriction
A systematic review of the clinical-effectiveness of interventions for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy
Pregnancy outcomes in women with pre-existing heart disease
UDCA administration in cholestatic pregnancy can ameliorate dysregulated metabolic profile of the fetus
Pregnancy at very advanced maternal age in the UK
Developing placental MRI as a measure of placental function in utero
Cell penetrating peptide and small molecule approaches to inhibiting inflammatory responses in myometrial cells
Placental assessment aids identification of pregnancies with RFM experiencing adverse pregnancy outcome
A 3D power Doppler ultrasound technique using the novel marker of area of confluence (Acon) to diagnose abnormally invasive placenta and quantify the clinical risk it poses
Risk of infertility following pre-conception abdominal cerclage: evidence from a randomised control
Invasive procedures in pregnancy and at delivery among HIV-positive women
Cholestasis of pregnancy is associated with alterations in the gut microbiome and metabolome
Would improving vaginal delivery rate in patients with diabetes in pregnancy reduce overall caesarean section rate? A retrospective analysis of all women with diabetes who delivered in the year 2013 at a district general hospital in North London, UK
Peritoneal dialysis throughout pregnancy with successful outcome: a case report
Cardiac disease in pregnancy: effectiveness of collaborative multidisciplinary care in the absence of joint obstetrics-cardiology clinics in a district general hospital
Baseline study of management of anaemia in pregnancy and the postpartum period: Hinchingbrooke Hospital NHS Trust
Fetal triploidy and maternal acute fatty liver of pregnancy: rarely reported association
Case presentation: uncontrolled hyperthyroidism and early onset pre-eclampsia
The clinical practice of commencing anaemic pregnant women on iron tablets
Chest pain and dyspnoea in pregnancy: an unusual diagnosis
Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) in an early postnatal woman
Normative bladder diary measurements in pregnant women - volume per void versus total volume voided
Infants should not routinely be tested for postnatal anaemia following intrauterine exposure to azathioprine - be wary of small studies with positive findings
Pregnancy in women with valvular heart disease: maternal and perinatal outcomes
Diet during pregnancy: is the message getting through?
Assessing implementation of WHO guidelines for antenatal care at Mulanje Mission Hospital, Malawi
Fondaparinux in pregnancy: a case series and literature review
Fibrinogen altered the expression of inflammation, adhesion and angiogenic markers in pre-eclampsia monocytes co-cultured with vascular endothelial cells
‘Tele-health service’ for home blood pressure and symptom monitoring in the management of postnatal pre-eclampsia in a district general hospital with remote geography- a pilot study
Acute coronary syndrome in pregnancy, the value of cardiac MRI
Obesity rates in the UK maternity population
Pregnancy in women with left ventricular outflow tract obstruction: maternal and perinatal outcomes
The use of an invalidated automated device halves the sensitivity of diagnosis of hypertension in pregnancy
The impact of a specialised one-stop clinic for the management of hypertension in pregnancy on the rates of maternal severe pre-eclampsia and eclampsia and preterm delivery below 31 weeks
The impact of a prematurity clinic
Incidence and aetiology of thrombocytopenia in twin pregnancies in a tertiary referral centre
The prevalence and significance of abnormal glucose metabolism in women receiving steroids during pregnancy
Incidence and progression of diabetic retinopathy in pregnancy
Evaluation of point-of-care maternal lactate testing in early pregnancy
The relationship between body mass index and infant birthweight in diabetic and non-diabetic pregnancies
Efficacy and acceptability of a single dose of ferric carboxymaltose (Ferinject®) on anaemia in a pregnant population
SNPs of the corticotropin releasing hormone receptor 1 (CRHR1) and their association with postnatal depression
Risk and accelerated development of cardiovascular events in Swedish women with systemic lupus erythematosus by parity - a population-based retrospective study
Incomplete antenatal glucose tolerance test results: incidence and negative predictive value in SW-Essex
Audit of antenatal care, obstetric and neonatal management and outcomes, of HIV positive women and their infants who delivered prior to and following introduction of ‘guidelines for the management of HIV Positive pregnant women in Northern Ireland’ February 2013
Likelihood of antepartum haemorrhage (APH) in women with low-lying placentae (LLP) at anomaly scan, and association with placenta praevia (PP)
Winning with weight in pregnancy: a study of obese women attending a healthy lifestyle programme during pregnancy in Fife
Incremental increases in glucose level below the threshold for diagnosis of gestational diabetes and risk of adverse perinatal outcomes: the born in Bradford population
The development of a national customised obstetric sepsis screening tool
The developing role of electronic blood pressure measurement in ugandan antenatal care
Postpartum hypoglycaemia in lactating women with type 1 diabetes
Significant improvement in the implementation of sepsis screening and management in a district general hospital
Gene polymorphisms of the angiotensinogen (AGT) and angiotensin II receptor (AGTR1, AGTR2) in women with pre-eclampsia
Prior ultrasound indicated cerclage: how should we manage the next pregnancy?
Headache in pregnancy
Compliance with two postnatal testing regimes for gestational diabetics in two NHS trusts in manchester: oral glucose tolerance test versus fasting plasma glucose
Management of obstetric patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD): a single centre experience
Management of severe anaemia in patients with chonic kidney disease during pregnancy
Sepsis 6 in maternity patients: from testing to successful implementation using quality improvement methodology
Three-dimensional indices of renal perfusion in normal pregnancy and pre-eclampsia
Maternal experience of newly introduced antenatal Group B Strep screening in a UK hospital
Cardiomyopathy in pregnancy usually has a good outcome: experience at a single centre over a 15 years
Obstetric management of pregnancies in girls aged 16 years 11 months and below in Nottingham: a clinical audit
Have we become complacent in the use of magnesium sulphate (MgSO4) prophylaxis for pre-eclampsia?
Effect on workforce and cost implications with new NICE guidelines for diagnosis of gestational diabetes
Gestational diabetes: a risk factor or a significant disease?
Aspirin prophylaxis in women who developed hypertension in pregnancy: a district general hospital experience
The range and relevance of early antenatal HbA1c levels following gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy
Management of primary hyperparathyroidism in pregnancy - how safe is calcitonin?
Multidisciplinary service improvement for maternity patients attending the emergency department and non-obstetric emergency admissions on two different sites: how did we close the audit loop?
The prevalence of Group B Streptococcus in women presenting with preterm prelabour rupture of membranes in University Maternity Hospital Limerick, Ireland
Thiopurine exposure during pregnancy: a systematic review of pregnancy outcome
Pan-London gestational diabetes survey
Pre-conception screening for gene polymorphisms associated with thrombophilia and arterial hypertension risk in healthy young women
Depression amongst antenatal women presenting at a teaching hospital
Pregnancy outcomes of morbidly obese women attending a specialist antenatal clinic
Estimating fetal weight in prolonged pregnancy
Validation of a decision aid for timing delivery of women with gestational diabetes in SW-Essex
Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in the treatment of an infective exacerbation of asthma in pregnancy
Gestational diabetes: false negative glucose tolerance tests
A rare case report of osteomyelitis pubic symphysis in postnatal women
A rare presentation of pre-eclampsia at 16 weeks of gestation: the key is in the kidney
Increase in the rate of severe pre-eclampsia in a tertiary unit following the implementation of NICE guidelines ‘hypertension in pregnancy’
Audit of antenatal intravenous iron - Monofer versus Venofer
Weaknesses in management of threatened preterm labour - strengthened through implementation of fetal fibronectin testing
Management of hyperemesis gravidarum: adherence to local guidelines
Understanding the pregnant woman's experience of carrying a small-for-gestational-age and/or growth restricted baby
Re-audit of the management of maternal pyrexia and sepsis in intrapartum/postpartum women
Audit on use of Ferinject (Ferric Carboxymaltose) in the obstetric patient
Management of pregnancy in paroxysmanl nocturnal haemoglobinuria pre and post eculizumab
Increasing the appropriateness of fetal fibronectin use to diagnose preterm labour
Measuring thyrotrophin receptor stimulating antibodies (TRAb) in pregnant women with Grave's disease to predict fetal/neonatal hyperthyroidism: is it more cost effective?
PlGF bedside testing in routine clinical care: 12 months’ experience from a large teaching hospital
Antenatal screening - a successful PDSA cycle
Estimating fetal weight in women presenting to a maternal fetal assessment unit
Anaemia in pregnancy - our experience with parenteral iron therapy
Diabetic Ketoacidosis in the 3rdtrimester in a woman with previously undiagnosed antibodynegative GDM and normoglycaemia postpartum
The missed congenital anomaly at birth presenting during pregnancy
Retrospective study on substance misuse in pregnancy and neonatal outcome in a district general hospital in UK
Pre-existing diabetes with pregnancy: a review of fetal abnormalities
Diagnostic dilema sepsis in postpartum complicated by Beri Beri
Lower genital tract infection in the first trimester is associated with cervical shortening in women at risk of preterm birth
A case of successful pregnancy in a woman with severe dilated cardiomyopathy
Two rare risk factors for postpartum haemorrhage: a carrier of severe haemophilia a with a uterine arteriovenous malformation
Are guidelines being followed when prescribing Cosmofer, intravenous iron therapy, in pregnant women?
Sarcoma in pregnancy: a difficult and unusual diagnosis
Pregnancy outcome in advanced maternal age
Vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC) counselling audit
Hyperparathyroidism in pregnancy: a case presenting with a ‘Browns tumour’ and hypercalcaemia
Case report: a challenging case of acute myeloid leukaemia diagnosed in pregnancy complicated by severe thrombocytopenia
Gestational diabetes in a patient with Medium Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency (MCADD): diagnosis and management of complications
Electroconvulsive therapy in pregnancy - controversies, risks and benefits
Change in cervical length for the prediction of preterm birth with prepregnancy excisional cervical treatment
Ultrasound-guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) ablation of placental vasculature
Detection rates and screening outcomes for Trisomy 21: a model for evaluating screening programmes using congenital anomaly registers
Fetal heart rate variability in the chronically hypoxic fetus
A systematic review of the prenatal diagnosis and management of transient abnormal myelopoiesis
Does use of a customised growth chart improve the detection by a routine ultrasound assessment at 34 weeks of gestation of SGA at birth and stillbirth?
Surgical uterine manipulation results in fetal brain sparing reflex
Excisional cervical treatment and subsequent cervical volume in pregnancy
An assessment of fetal cerebral and hepatic perfusion in normal pregnancy and pre-eclampsia using three-dimensional ultrasound
Fetal MRI at 3T: how to make it work
Pathological growth in pregnancies complicated by stillbirth using INTERGROWTH: customised and population charts
Short versus standard mifepristone and misoprostol regimen for second and third trimester termination of pregnancy for fetal anomaly
Diversity of the vaginal microbiome and cervicovaginal fetal fibronectin levels: is there an association?
The investigation and management of the small-for-gestational age fetus: a national survey of clinical practice
Time to introduce the 4-chamber view into the first trimester?
INTERGROWTH-21 versus GROW: effectiveness for predicting small-for-gestational-age (SGA) and stillbirths
In utero assessment of congenital heart disease by MRI: preliminary experience
Optimisation of MR imaging for the evaluation of placenta: preliminary results
Magnetic resonance imaging study of the developing fetal brain in trisomy 21
Altered white matter and cortical development in neonates with antenatal isolated ventriculomegaly
Renal parenchymal volume, measured by 3D sonography, as a predictor of postnatal outcome in antenatally detected hydronephrosis: a pilot study
Early fetal growth in spontaneous and IVF Pregnancies: a prospective study
The incidence of hyperemesis gravidarum in women at risk of preterm birth
Monitoring and reporting detection rates for the 11 fetal anomaly screening programme (FASP) auditable conditions in the North East and North Cumbria, 2009-2013
Secondary cytomegalovirus infection in pregnancy: a case of severe brain abnormalities detected at 23 weeks of gestation with negative serology
Familial recurrence of vein of Galen malformation in the presence of RASA1 gene variation
Comparison of INTERGROWTH-21 based fetal weight standard with the INTERGROWTH-21 neonatal weight standard for defining SGA in a UK population
A case report of Apert syndrome: ultrasound and non-invasive prenatal diagnosis in the second trimester
Delayed development of the cerebral cortex in exdonor fetuses treated for twin-twin transfusion syndrome
Challenges and dilemmas in managing fetal pleural effusion: a review of three cases referred to a regional fetal medicine unit
Maternal morbidity associated with medical TOP for fetal congenital abnormalities up until 24 weeks of pregnancy
Placental abruption diagnosed by the lab technician
Prospective cohort study: risk stratification for the small for gestational age infant: is green top guideline 31 deliverable in a busy district general hospital setting? Preliminary report
Myelomeningocele: should we be routinely offering in utero fetal surgery to women in the UK?
Effect of fetal and antenatal factors on the success of external cephalic version (ECV)
Case series: management of fetal arrhythmias following antenatal diagnosis
Antenatal intravenous immunoglobulin therapy in pregnancies at high risk of hemolytic disease of newborn; a tale of two patients
Transposition of the great arteries (TGA) and tetralogy of fallot (ToF): a higher than expected incidence and a lower than expected antepartum detection rate. Findings over 2 years at Gloucester Royal Hospital
Prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart disease in Cork University Maternity Hospital between 2009 and 2013
Human placental ex vivo studies to support an adenovirus-mediated Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) gene medicine for the treatment of severe early onset fetal growth restriction
A surviving case of iatrogenic gastroschisis following laser treatment for twin-twin transfusion syndrome
Investigating and managing the small-forgestational-age fetus: experience of a London unit
‘Baby in an envelope’: abnormally small amniotic sac in the first trimester of pregnancy and outcome
Accuracy of estimated fetal weight measurement by ultrasonography in Darlington Memorial Hospital, UK
The detection rate of bilateral renal agenesis in a tertiary unit over 10 years
Fetal dural venous sinus thrombosis: an usual cause of ventriculomegaly
Audit of local practice against the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) Multiple Pregnancy Quality Standards QS46
The outcomes of fetuses diagnosed with ventriculomegaly
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) following a spontaneous conception in a fetus with triploidy
The role of fetal wellbeing and impaired placental perfusion in the third trimester in assessing the risk of stillbirth
Antenatal renal pelvic dilatation - is it a wee problem? Long term outcome in male and female children
Diagnostic difficulties in fetal medicine: liver up or lung down?
A case of a complex cloacal malformation causing respiratory failure
Acute progression of fetal ventriculomegaly - suspect toxoplasma infection
Successful pregnancy after severe chorioamniotic membrane separation and subsequent repair following amniocentesis
Short-term outcome after antenatal diagnosis of severe early-onset fetal growth restriction
White matter oxygenation measured by T2* blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is lower in small for gestational age (SGA) fetuses compared to gestation matched healthy controls
The association between cerebroplacental ratio, birthweight and neonatal morbidity
Ethnic variation in obstetric anal sphincter injuries amongst primiparous women: single centre retrospective study
Childhood learning disability and cerebral palsy following planned caesarean delivery: a population-based retrospective cohort study of Scottish data
Diving and thriving: neonatal outcomes of waterbirth: a review of its physiology and consequences
Variation in Calmodulin-dependent kinase II (CAMK2) delta and gamma subunit expression in human myometrium during pregnancy and labour
Caesarean section for the second twin
Introduction of an enhanced recovery pathway for elective caesarean section: clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction
Maternal and fetal outcomes following unplanned conversion to general anesthetic at elective caesarean section
Cardiotocograph training: mind the gap
A simple program of focused education and simulation training to reduce the rate of obstetric anal sphincter injury at forceps delivery
Shock index after birth: what is normal?
Resident consultant on-call: 6-month evaluation of service. Does resident consultant presence change outcomes in a tertiary maternity unit?
A case for developing a national surveillance system for surgical site infections (SSI) post caesarean section: survey and analysis of 129 cases at a district general hospital (DGH)
The cerclage and cervical vascularity: a prospective longitudinal study in pregnancy
Audit of labour outcomes in women with inherited bleeding disorders
Do water-births influence the risk of perineal trauma? A comparison of outcomes in low-risk women having water-birth versus land-birth
Preterm birth is increasingly due to iatrogenic delivery: a retrospective cohort study of preterm birth aetiology, Bristol, United Kingdom
Pregnancy outcome of women with previous one caesarean section undergoing induction of labour at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust
Delivery outcomes in pregnant women carrying congenital clotting factor deficiencies
Is maternal ketosis associated with increased interventions in labour? A retrospective cohort study
Reducing caesarean section (CS) surgical site infection (SSI) rate with PICO® negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) in high-risk pregnancies
Decision to delivery interval (DDI) for Class 1 caesarean section (LSCS) and baby outcome
Are women at increased risk of preterm birth more likely to report lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) than low risk women? A pilot study
Maternal intrapartum complications secondary to obesity at a tertiary referral hospital
An exploratory qualitative interview study of the role of high quality research evidence in discussions and decisions about induction of labour
Pregnancy outcomes of women with extreme obesity (BMI >50) in a single teaching hospital over 4 years
A comparative analysis of trials of instrumental deliveries in theatre: risk factors and outcomes
Developing a high fidelity maternity team training programme: combining technical and non-technical skills
A retrospective review of unanticipated neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) admissions, in babies born at term (37-42+ weeks) in a tertiary centre
Induction of labour, how does indication influence the outcome?
Introducing enhanced recovery following caesarean section at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital - a successful care pathway to improve patient experience and decrease hospital inpatient admission
The effect of manual perineal support at the time of childbirth on risk of perineal trauma: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised and non-randomised studies
Debriefing women after a caesarean section: attitudes and experiences of doctors, midwives, and patients
Training and trainee attitudes after 6 months of a new consultant resident on-call service
Inadequate/inappropriate use of intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis is associated with prolonged NICU admission
Induction of labour for fetal growth restriction and small-for-gestational-age babies: are we being too cautious?
Induction in women over the age of 40 years: does it work?
Evaluation of an evidence based quality improvement training programme to reduce obstetric anal sphincter injuries (OASIS): the SUPPORT Programme (Strategy for Using Practical Aids for Prevention of OASIS, Recording Episiotomies and Clinician Training)
Incidence of impacted head at caesarean section (CS)
Will the introduction of the new NICE guidance on the interpretation of cardiotocographs alter the detection rates of the acidotic fetus?
Current management of placenta praevia at Liverpool Women's Hospital: a re-audit
Management of placenta accreta using prophylactic balloon catheter occlusion of internal iliac arteries: a case series
Intrapartum fetal blood sampling resulting in fetal injury and cerebrospinal fluid leak: a case report and review of the literature
Procalcitonin levels in low risk pregnancy and the puerperium
Antecedents to prolonged fetal bradycardia - are fetal bradycardia's predictable in a low-risk setting?
The four Ts of PPH experience: women and their birth partners’ experiences of primary postpartum haemorrhage
Initial experience with the fetal pillow in South West Essex and comparison with historical cohort of 2nd stage caesarean sections
Postpartum haemorrhage after induction of labour, are we vigilant enough?
Temperature monitoring on labour ward
Improving postpartum haemorrhage rates in Simpsons Centre for Reproductive Health, Edinburgh
No decision about me, without me: improving shared decision making when planning place of birth for women with ‘high risk’ pregnancies
Reducing surgical site infection, a national challenge
An audit of management of shoulder dystocia and management of neonates with brachial plexus injury (BPI)
Complications of caesarean section at full dilatation, time to review alternatives?
Carbetocin: an audit comparing blood product transfusion rates, as an objective marker of efficacy, pre- and post implementation of carbetocin for caesarean section
Wound care in high risk women with caesarean section: risk factors involved in surgical site infections in women with BMI >35 and other comorbidities after caesarean section
A clinical review of aromatherapy use in labour
Neonatal hypothermia for perinatal hypoxia: a 2 year experience in Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Acute colonic pseudo-obstruction - an unusual complication of caesarean section: a report of two cases
Are we inducing women appropriately, according to NICE guidelines?
Prevalence and intrapartum management of Group B Streptococcus positive women in a tertiary maternity centre
Outpatient induction of labour at Poole General Hospital: outcomes and evaluation of patient satisfaction
Why do primigravida women request an elective caesarean section without medical indication
A service evaluation of quantitative fetal fibronectin (qfFN) in symptomatic women as a predictor of preterm birth at West Middlesex University Hospital (WMUH): potential to reduce bed occupancy further
Antenatal steroid administration for elective cesarean section <39 weeks of gestation: a retrospective audit
Trends in delivery of babies <27+0 weeks of gestation in keeping with the neonatal toolkit recommendations
The use of maternal early obstetric warning score charts in maternity HDU
The management of in utero transfers
Is a stay in a maternity waiting home an acceptable risk reduction strategy for the avoidance of difficulties of access to birth facility for pregnant women in rural Uganda? A qualitative study
Review of outpatient induction of labour in low risk postdates pregnancy in a tertiary obstetric unit in London, UK
The implementation of ACTIM PROM at Northwick Park Hospital to identify or exclude premature rupture of membranes
Cutting an episiotomy at 60 degrees: how good are we?
Antenatal diagnosis of morbidly adherent placenta: are we confident to exclude?
Neonatal weight standards in the identification of SGA as a risk factor for SIDS
INTERGROWTH-21 based fetal weight standards versus customised GROW standards and their ability to define SGA babies at increased risk of perinatal death
Neonatal and maternal outcomes following midtrimester preterm premature rupture of the membranes
Recurrence of congenital anomalies in successive pregnancies: a population-based register study
Potential for 3D sonographic placental assessment to improve algorithm-based screening for adverse perinatal outcomes associated with placental disease
Quantitative fetal fibronectin and birth outcome in women with previous cervical surgery and a short cervix
Pregnancy-associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A) to predict adverse pregnancy outcomes in Chinese women: what is the optimal cut-off value?
Elucidating potential metabolite markers of preterm birth in cervicovaginal secretions by magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Quantitative fetal fibronectin to triage women with threatened preterm labour in clinical practice
Use of biochemical tests of placental function for improving pregnancy outcome - a systematic review and meta-analysis
Bacteriuria not meeting the threshold for UTI diagnosis is still a risk factor for spontaneous preterm birth
Decision support for breech presentation: what do women want?
Identifying and prioritising unanswered questions for stillbirth research
Impact of LGI Diet and exercise interventions during experimental obese pregnancy on maternal and offspring risk of obesity and related disorders
Are twins at increased risk of congenital heart disease?
Environmental tobacco smoke exposure in pregnancy and perinatal outcomes: a retrospective cohort study
Use of vacuum assisted closure (VAC) dressings in preventing post caesarean wound infection - cost benefit analysis
Retrospective cohort study of perinatal outcomes in a subsequent pregnancy among women who have experienced recurrent miscarriage
Women's coping with pregnancy termination for fetal abnormality: a comparison between health professionals’ perceptions and women's accounts
The effect of gel for speculum lubrication on measured qfFN concentration in cervicovaginal fluid
External versus local reviews of cases of near-miss maternal morbidity: a pilot study
Perinatal outcomes of reduced fetal movements: a prospective cohort study
Standardised clinical outcome review of stillbirths: identifying learning points and avoidable factors
Causes of antepartum stillbirth in women of advanced maternal age
Negotiating acceptable termination of pregnancy for non-lethal fetal anomalies. Professional views
The boundaries between non-directive and directive counselling after a diagnosis of Fetal A. When does non-directive counselling become directive?
Congenital anomalies in a cohort born using assisted reproductive technology (ART): a cohort from 1996-2012 in the Cork and Kerry region as part of the European surveillance of congenital anomalies (EUROCAT) network
Disparity in the perception of non life threatening unexpected events in pregnancy and birth between healthcare professionals and the families who experience them
Review of the pregnancy and neonatal outcomes of HIV-positive pregnant women
Association between maternal extreme obesity and pre- and post-term birth: a national study
Reasons why women accept or decline prenatal screening for aneuploidy
Congenital anomalies leading to stillbirth and early fetal demise in the Cork and Kerry region. A cohort from 1996-2012 as part of the European surveillance of congenital anomalies (EUROCAT) network
Assessment of glycogen phosphorylase isoenzyme BB as a biomarker for pre-eclampsia and small for gestational age
What lies beneath? Capturing severe maternal morbidity by prospective audit of a labour ward obstetric high dependency unit (HDU)
The outcome of pregnancy following stillbirth
Vaginal bacteriological testing in women presenting with antepartum haemorrhage - is it really helpful?
NHS maternity staff views on incident reviews - implementation of the duty of candour
Postmaturity fetal wellbeing assessment - does it have a place in the current obstetric care?
Fetal outcome in unexplained polyhydramnios: a 7-year review from a regional fetal medicine unit
The positive association between sleep and behaviour on maternal health
Research priorities for preterm birth: drawing on different perspective
Antimicrobial peptide gene expression in freshly obtained high vaginal cells and endocervical cells from pregnant women compared to female reproductive tract epithelial cell lines
The impact of a focused intervention for women with reduced fetal movements on obstetric services
Pregnancy outcomes and SLE
Obstetric and neonatal characteristics of pregnancy and delivery for infant birthweight ≥5 kg
Prophylactic blood transfusion versus clinically indicated blood transfusion as a method of reducing poor obstetric outcomes in women with homozygous sickle cell disease: a systematic review
Review of medical management of fetal loss in the 2nd trimester
Unexpected admissions to the neonatal unit (NNU) at ≥36W in Barnsley. Is it really unexpected? Review of antenatal and intrapartum events
Do our patients know what we're talking about?
Three twin pregnancies complicated by hyatidaform mole, diagnosed early and electing to continue with pregnancy: what happened next?
Gonadal dysfunction in women with sickle cell disease: impaired ovarian reserve as a possible aetiology?
The outcome of TORCH screening in pregnant women with polyhydramnios
Breech clinic and the use of external cephalic version successful decrease the rate of caesarean section: a re-audit of outcomes over 1 year
Running in pregnancy: effect on birthweight and gestational age
The obesogenic environment in an overweight and obese pregnant population
Pregnancy outcomes of women with multiple pregnancies at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust - 3 year data
Woman empowerment for motherhood
Closing the safety feedback loop: improving methods of feedback to staff following adverse incidents using quality improvement methodology
Pregnancy, exercise and nutrition research study with smartphone app support (Pears): a randomised controlled trial study protocol
A stitch in time…? A 10-year retrospective review of cervical cerclage in a district general hospital
An obstetric media scandal: how do we Tweet about it?
An audit of management of first trimester miscarriage in Cork University Maternity Hospital
Translating PROMPT into ProGrESS - the development of a local emergency training course in gynaecology from a successful obstetric model
Screening and management of antenatal and postnatal mental health: are we meeting the standard?
Prediction of spontaneous preterm birth with quantitative fetal fibronectin in patients with bulging fetal membranes
Audit of the outcomes of pregnancy in morbidly obese patients over 1 year
Recurrent miscarriage - does age influence the future outcome?
The decision to continue with a twin pregnancy complicated by a complete hyditidiform mole is not unreasonable, however what should we do when things go wrong in the second trimester? We report the interruption of two such cases
A pregnant severely mentally ill woman forced caesarean or caesarean section in women's best interest. Our experience at DGH: a true multidisciplinary approach
Influence of dietary patterns of the pregnant on gestational age and birthweight of the newborn
Comparison of the INTERGROWTH-21 newborn weight standard with the customised GROW standard to define SGA birthweight in the UK
Comparative analysis of SGA defined by customised GROW Charts and the UK-WHO neonatal weight charts to assess association with indicators of adverse pregnancy outcome