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Manual perineal support at the time of childbirth: a systematic review and meta-analysis
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Do physical activity interventions prevent gestational diabetes?
Deviant early pregnancy maternal triglyceride levels and increased risk of congenital anomalies: a prospective community-based cohort study
Functional brain development in growth-restricted and constitutionally small fetuses: a fetal magnetoencephalography case–control study
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Maternal and neonatal outcomes after implementation of a hospital policy to limit low-risk planned caesarean deliveries before 39 weeks of gestation: an interrupted time-series analysis
Time to subsequent live birth according to mode of delivery in the first birth
The association between government healthcare spending and maternal mortality in the European Union, 1981–2010: a retrospective study
Economics—questions rather than answers
Self-hypnosis for intrapartum pain management in pregnant nulliparous women: a randomised controlled trial of clinical effectiveness
Home birth is unsafe: FOR: The safety of planned homebirths: a clinical fiction
AGAINST: Safe for whom?
Effects of pre-eclampsia and fetal growth restriction on C-type natriuretic peptide
The minefield of informed consent
Severe adverse effects of bromocriptine in lactation inhibition: a pharmacovigilance survey
The perils of taking written consent for operative delivery during labour
Is an unfavourable cardiovascular risk profile a risk factor for vasomotor menopausal symptoms? Results of a population-based cohort study
Nulliparous pregnant women's narratives of imminent childbirth before and after internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy for severe fear of childbirth: a qualitative study
The natural history of levator avulsion one year following childbirth: a prospective study
The Montgomery ruling extends patient autonomy
Re: The association between the regular use of preventive labour induction and improved term birth outcomes
Author's reply re: The association between the regular use of preventive labour induction and improved term birth outcomes
Re: Laparoscopic morcellation: an acceptable risk or an Achilles heel? Are there safer alternatives to morcellation?
A report from #BlueJC: How can we improve global women's health research after 2015?