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Differential expression of lactic acid isomers, extracellular matrix metalloproteinase inducer, and matrix metalloproteinase-8 in vaginal fluid from women with vaginal disorders
Serial determinations of asymmetric dimethylarginine and homocysteine during pregnancy to predict pre-eclampsia: a longitudinal study
Mode of delivery and the probability of subsequent childbearing: a population-based register study
Route of delivery linked with subsequent childbirth?
The impact of socioeconomic position on severe maternal morbidity outcomes among women in Australia: a national case–control study
Experiences, utilisation and outcomes of maternity care in England among women from different socio-economic groups: findings from the 2010 National Maternity Survey
Use of antidepressants and association with elective termination of pregnancy: population based case–control study
Serum anti-Mullerian hormone levels across different ethnic groups: a cross-sectional study
Muscarinic-mediated vasoconstriction in human, rat and sheep umbilical cords and related vasoconstriction mechanisms
Is acetylcholine constriction of umbilical vessels clinically relevant?
Zygosity testing should be encouraged for all same-sex twins
Zygosity testing should be encouraged for all same-sex twins
Maternal age and emergency operative deliveries at term: a population−based registry study among low-risk primiparous women
The mediating role of provider preference
Maternal outcomes at 3 months after planned caesarean section versus planned vaginal birth for twin pregnancies in the Twin Birth Study: a randomised controlled trial
Counselling is difficult when outcomes are associated with mode of delivery and not with the plan for mode of delivery
Weight loss in pregnancy and cardiometabolic profile in childhood: findings from a longitudinal birth cohort
The morbidly adherent placenta—a continuing diagnostic and management challenge
Ultrasound prediction of perinatal outcome: the unrecognised value of sibling data
Use of cffDNA to avoid administration of anti-D to pregnant women when the fetus is RhD-negative: implementation in the NHS
Selected use of antenatal Rhesus-immune globulin based on free fetal DNA
Association between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels measured 24 hours after delivery and postpartum depression
Associations of maternal circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 concentration with pregnancy and birth outcomes
Twelve-month outcomes following midurethral sling procedures for stress incontinence: impact of obesity
Re: Stabilising the caesarean rate: which target population?
Authors' reply re: Stabilising the caesarean rate: which target population?
Re: Pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence 15–23 years after first delivery: a cross-sectional study
Authors' reply re: Pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence 15–23 years after first delivery: a cross-sectional study
Re: The Hayman uterine compression suture
Re: The Hayman uterine compression suture
A report from #BlueJC: ‘Can induction of labour reduce risks to my baby?’
Maternal oxygen administration does not alter placental blood flow as measured by MRI
Trophoblast apoptotic burden in fetal growth restriction (FGR) placenta: an image analysis study
Digital pathology analysis reveals enhanced autophagy expression in pre-eclamptic placenta
Does tumour: stroma ratio have prognostic significance in endometrial adenocarcinoma?
15-deoxy-Δ12,14 Prostaglandin J2 inhibits IL-1 β -induced contraction associated protein and pro-inflammatory cytokine expression in human cultured amniocytes and myocytes
Intra- and inter-tumour heterogeneity in epithelial ovarian cancer: consequences for biomarker-dependent stratification of therapies
Pre-surgical window feasibility study of metformin in endometrial cancer
Childhood health problems following elective caesarean delivery: a population-based retrospective cohort study of Scottish data
Metformin and the Antagonist cycle - one step too far
Placental assessment aids identification of pregnancies with RFM experiencing adverse pregnancy outcome
Congenital heart block in a one-dimensional computational model of the human fetal heart
Quantitative fetal fibronectin modifies the risk of preterm birth in asymptomatic high risk women with a short cervix
Correction of hemoglobin levels in a heterozygous humanised mouse model of thalassemia after fetal gene therapy
The impact of obesity and weight loss on the endometrium
Effect of cryopreservation on follicular development in post pubescent human ovarian tissue
In epithelial ovarian cancer cells: 5T4 promotes cell motility, induces epithelial mesenchymal transition and switches Wnt signalling to non-canonical pathway
Oxytocin modulates a unique set of human myometrial microRNAs
Histopathological characterisation of the placenta in diabetes mellitus using 2D and 3D digitised analysis
Omega-6:omega-3 imbalance in mid-pregnancy is associated with subsequent preterm birth and growth restriction
The use of a p53 signature identifies a group of high risk endometrial cancer associated with an excellent prognosis
Reduced placental taurine transport in obese women during the first trimester: implications for extravillous trophoblast
Inappropriate blood pressure cuffing in pregnancy and accuracy assessment of a wide-range cuff for use in pregnancy
Test performance of fullPIERS and placental growth factor as prognostic tools for predicting the occurrence of adverse events associated with preeclampsia
PTEN function is important in determining ovarian cancer sensitivity to cytotoxic agents
Defects in non-homologous end joining pathway in ovarian cancers results in resistance to rucaparib
Striking the balance between maternal and perinatal outcomes for pregnant women with gastric banding: national cohort study (UKOSS)
Cell Penetrating Peptide linked inhibitors as a novel approach to downregulating inflammatory responses in primary myometrial cells
Managing pregnancy of unknown location (PUL): a two-step approach using initial serum progesterone and a novel risk prediction model based on serial serum hCG levels