Issue Information
Stream 1 ‐ Fetal Medicine (FC1a)
Stream 2 ‐ Health Policy (FC2)
Stream 3 – Oncology and Colposcopy (FC3)
Stream 4 ‐ Ultrasound and Imaging (FC4)
Stream 5 ‐ Paediatric and Adoloscent Gynaecology (FC5)
Stream 6 – Global Health (FC6)
Maternal Medicine (FC1b)
Stream 7 – Psychological Aspects of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (FC7)
Stream 8 – Obstetrics (FC8)
Stream 9 ‐ Contraception and Fertility Control (FC9)
Stream 10 – Urogynaecology (FC10)
Stream 11 – General Gynaecology (FC11)
Stream 12 – Education/Simulation (FC12)
Stream 1 – Obstetrics (FC1c)
Stream 13 – Gynaecological endoscopy (FC13)
Stream 14 – Fertility and Reproductive Medicine (FC14)
Stream 15 – Early Pregnancy and Acute Gynaecology (FC15)
Stream 16 – Health in mid‐life and Beyond (FC16)
Dame Hilda Lloyd Medal – Plenary Session (PFC)
Fetal Medicine (EP1a)
Oncology and Colposcopy (EP3)
Miscellaneous (EP17)
Paediatric and Adoloscent Gynaecology (EP5)
Global Health (EP6)
Maternal Medicine (EP1b)
Psychosomatic, Biopsychosocial and Psychosexual (EP7)
Labour and Obstetric Complications (EP8)
Contraception and Fertility Control (EP9)
Urogynaecology (including Maternal Birth Trauma) (EP10)
General gynaecology (including Menstrual Disorders/Fibroids/Endometriosis) (EP11)
Quality Improvement, Education, Simulation and Patient Safety (EP12)
Gynaecological Endoscopy and Robotic Surgery (EP13)
Fertility and Reproductive Medicine (EP14)
Early Pregnancy and Acute Gynaecology (EP15)
Health in Mid‐Life and Beyond (including Menopause/Vulval Disease) (EP16)
Maternal Medicine (Vid1b)
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