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Guilt, blame, litigation and training
Insights from outside BJOG
In the midst of Zika pregnancy advisories, termination of pregnancy is the elephant in the room
Zika virus outbreak and reproductive rights
Fulfilling professional responsibilities when counselling patients about Zika infection
The importance of economic analyses in health care
Fetal sex and maternal risk of pre‐eclampsia/eclampsia
Obstetric and neonatal complications in pregnancies conceived after oocyte donation
Interventions to improve physical activity during pregnancy
Umbilical lactate as a measure of acidosis and predictor of neonatal risk
Single dose versus multiple dose of antibiotic prophylaxis in caesarean section
Why do lactobacilli dominate the human vaginal microbiota?
The search for the ideal microbiota in human reproduction
RCT evidence should drive clinical practice
RCT evidence should not drive everything we do clinically
Fibroids that do not distort the uterine cavity and IVF success rates
Fibroids and IVF
An economic evaluation of planned immediate versus delayed birth for preterm prelabour rupture of membranes
The impact of motivational interviewing on participation in childbirth preparation classes and having a natural delivery
Motivating women and their partners to participate in childbirth education and increasing natural delivery rates in Iran
Simulation‐based team training for multi‐professional obstetric care teams to improve patient outcome
Not all training for obstetric emergencies is equal, or effective
Labour pain with remifentanil patient‐controlled analgesia versus epidural analgesia
Development of a core outcome set for epilepsy in pregnancy (E‐CORE)
Core outcomes for studies of pregnancy with epilepsy
Immediate delivery or expectant management in gestational diabetes at term
The effect of maternal low flow oxygen administration during the second stage of labour on umbilical cord artery pH
Do pelvic floor muscle exercises reduce postpartum anal incontinence? A randomised controlled trial
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Authors' reply re
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