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Improving the visibility of women's health
Insights from outside BJOG
Moving towards population‐based genetic risk prediction for ovarian cancer
A paradigm shift in the origin of ovarian cancer
WHO recommendations on antenatal care for a positive pregnancy experience—going beyond survival
Participation in clinical trials improves outcomes in women's health
Serous tubal intraepithelial carcinomas associated with high‐grade serous ovarian carcinomas
Tubal origin of ovarian high‐grade serous carcinoma—time to let go of the wrong end of the stick
Efficacy of salpingectomy at hysterectomy to reduce the risk of epithelial ovarian cancer
Opportunistic salpingectomy for prevention of ovarian cancer
Double‐balloon catheter versus prostaglandin E2 for cervical ripening and labour induction
The Blue Journal Club
Are we steering full circle in our methods of labour induction?
Social media is essential for research engagement
Social media is essential for research engagement
Effect of ethnicity on live birth rates after in vitro fertilisation/intracytoplasmic sperm injection treatment
Ethnicity affects IVF outcome world‐wide with no clear explanation
Cranberry capsules to prevent nosocomial urinary tract bacteriuria after pelvic surgery
The Blue Journal Club
Conservatism in Gynaecology
The role of trophoblast cell receptor expression in HIV‐1 passage across the placenta in pre‐eclampsia
What is the influence of preeclampsia on vertical transmission of HIV?
Labour induction near term for women aged 35 or over
The Blue Journal Club
Puerperal sepsis
Improving the clinical management of women with borderline tumours
Borderline ovarian tumours
Current insights into the aetiology, pathobiology, and management of local disease recurrence in squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva
Validation of an obstetric fistula screening questionnaire in rural Nepal
A plea for recognising all causes of gynaecological fistulae
Use of a postoperative pad test to identify continence status in women after obstetric vesicovaginal fistula repair
Long‐term outcomes of transobturator tapes in women with stress urinary incontinence
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