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Supervision, self care, rare events and rejection
Insights from outside BJOG
The management of labour in women with cardiac disease : need for more evidence?
The management of the cardiac patient in labour : primum non nocere
Resident consultant obstetrician presence on the labour ward versus other models of consultant cover : a systematic review of intrapartum outcomes
The effect of senior obstetric presence on maternal and neonatal outcomes in UK NHS maternity units : a systematic review and meta‐analysis
The obstetric consultant on the labour ward : beyond infancy to early adolescence
Resident consultant cover may become part of 21st century maternity care, but it is not a panacea
UK Secretary of State for Health proposes new model for compensating the victims of adverse outcomes resulting from medical/midwifery errors during childbirth
Malpractice reduction and standardisation of care : two sides of the same coin
Assisted vaginal delivery in low and middle income countries : an overview
Assisted vaginal delivery : an art worth preserving in all settings
Impact of stillbirths on international comparisons of preterm birth rates : a secondary analysis of the WHO multi‐country survey of Maternal and Newborn Health
Importance of including stillbirth in measures of preterm birth
HPV testing in first‐void urine provides sensitivity for CIN2+ detection comparable with a smear taken by a clinician or a brush‐based self‐sample : cross‐sectional data from a triage population
Urinary HPV testing may offer hope for cervical screening non‐attenders
Trends in operative vaginal delivery, 2005–2013 : a population‐based study
Instrumental delivery : complex paternity and a fading art
The CAPS Study : incidence, management and outcomes of cardiac arrest in pregnancy in the UK: a prospective, descriptive study
Tipping our CAPS to the UKOSS cardiac arrest in pregnancy study
The Blue Journal Club
Women and babies need protection from the dangers of normal birth ideology : FOR
Women and babies need protection from the dangers of normal birth ideology : AGAINST
Reduction in colposcopy workload and associated clinical activity following human papillomavirus (HPV) catch‐up vaccination programme in Scotland : an ecological study
The impact of human papillomavirus type on colposcopy performance in women offered HPV immunisation in a catch‐up vaccine programme : a two‐centre observational study
Physical after‐effects of colposcopy and related procedures, and their inter‐relationship with psychological distress : a longitudinal survey
Pregnancy outcomes in women with mechanical prosthetic heart valves : a prospective descriptive population based study using the United Kingdom Obstetric Surveillance System (UKOSS) data collection system
Care in the UK for pregnant women with mechanical prosthetic valves needs urgent improvement
Anticoagulant options in pregnancy for women with mechanical valves
Ultrasound bladder wall thickness and detrusor overactivity : a multicentre test accuracy study
Bladder wall thickness has no role in the diagnosis of detrusor overactivity
Surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence–trans‐obturator tape compared with tension‐free vaginal tape–5‐year follow up : an economic evaluation
Maternal and neonatal outcomes in women with severe early onset pre‐eclampsia before 26 weeks of gestation, a case series
Severe pre‐eclampsia before 26 weeks of gestation : how should we counsel women?
Re : An economic evaluation on outpatient versus inpatient polyp treatment for abnormal bleeding
Re : RCT evidence should not drive everything we do clinically: Trials and errors
Re : China's new two‐child policy
Re : Obstetric and neonatal complications in pregnancies conceived after oocyte donation
Author's reply re : China's new two‐child policy
Authors' reply re : Obstetric and neonatal complications in pregnancies conceived after oocyte donation
Re : AGAINST: fetal scalp blood sampling in conjunction with electronic fetal monitoring reduces the risk of unnecessary operative delivery
Author's reply re : AGAINST
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