The Hayman technique: a simple method to treat postpartum haemorrhage

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Of the several uterine compression sutures described in more recent years to treat postpartum haemorrhage (PPH), the Hayman suture offers the potential advantages that can be applied faster and easier, avoiding the performance of a lower segment hysterotomy when PPH follows a vaginal delivery. Data on efficacy and safety are limited, and long-term follow-up information are lacking. We report our experience with the Hayman suture in 11 consecutive women with massive PPH. Of these, ten were successfully treated without further interventions. One woman ultimately required a hysterectomy. Postoperative course was uncomplicated in all the cases. The median follow-up time was 11 months (range 1–19). One woman conceived spontaneously 10 months after the procedure. Our results suggest that the Hayman suture is an effective and safe treatment for PPH.

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