Uterine adherence to anterior abdominal wall after caesarean section

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Please cite this paper as: El-Shawarby S, Salim R, Lavery S, Saridogan E. Uterine adherence to anterior abdominal wall after caesarean section. BJOG 2011;118:1133–1135.

Uterine adherence to the anterior abdominal wall is not a recognised long-term complication after caesarean section. Here we report on 13 women with history of caesarean section who were found to have uterine adherence during investigations for pain or infertility. The majority of the women were diagnosed at laparoscopy. In three women the initial diagnosis was made by ultrasound scan and two of these were later confirmed at laparoscopy. Apart from an association with infertility and pain, uterine adherence to the abdominal wall may increase morbidity at future caesarean section and the need for hysterectomy. Long-term follow-up studies of women undergoing caesarean section are required to investigate these findings further.

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