Volumetric ellipsoid zone mapping for enhanced visualisation of outer retinal integrity with optical coherence tomography

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Objective assessment of retinal layer integrity with optical coherence tomography (OCT) is currently limited. The ellipsoid zone (EZ) has been identified as an important feature on OCT that has critical prognostic value in macular disorders. In this report, we describe a novel assessment tool for EZ integrity that provides visual and quantitative assessment across an OCT data set. Using this algorithm, we describe the findings in multiple clinical examples, including normal controls, age-related macular degeneration, drug effects (eg, ocriplasmin, hydroxychloroquine) and effects of surgical manipulation (eg, following membrane peeling using intraoperative OCT). EZ mapping provides both en face visualisation of EZ integrity and EZ-retinal pigment epithelium height. Additionally, volumetric, area and linear measurements are feasible using this assessment tool.

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