British urological surgery practice: 2. Renal, bladder and testis cancer

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To investigate the management of urological malignancies in the United Kingdom.


A postal survey of consultant urologists and general surgeons with an interest in urology was conducted to examine current clinical practice in urological malignancies.


Completed questionnaires were received from 273 consultant surgeons who saw an estimated total of 13241 new patients with renal, bladder or testis cancer per year; 82% had access to on-site oncology services and in general there was a consensus in the answers given. Most respondents advised active treatment of an asymptomatic primary renal cancer in the presence of metastases and a significant proportion of patients with metastases were not prescribed immunotherapy nor were offered a multidisciplinary approach for their condition. Forty-six per cent of patients with testis cancer received no advice to store sperm before chemotherapy and there were varied opinions as to the need for surgical resection of residual masses after completion of chemotherapy.


This survey showed minor variations in the management of renal, bladder and testis tumours in the UK. Consensus management guidelines for urological malignancies and a change in the working relationships between urologists and oncologists is required, to improve the outcome of patients with urological malignancy.

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