The revised Beliefs About Voices Questionnaire (BAVQ-R)

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We present a revised Beliefs About Voices Questionnaire (BAVQ-R), a self-report measure of patients' beliefs, emotions and behaviour about auditory hallucinations.


To improve measurement of omnipotence, a pivotal concept in understanding auditory hallucinations, and elucidate links between beliefs about voices, anxiety and depression.


Seventy-one participants with chronic auditory hallucinations completed the BAVQ-R, and 58 also completed the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale.


The mean Cronbach's α for the five sub-scales was 0.86 (range 0.74-0.88). The study supports hypotheses about links between beliefs, emotions and behaviour, and presents original data on how these relate to the new omnipotence sub-scale. Original data are also presented on connections with anxiety and depression.


The BAVQ-R is more reliable and sensitive to individual differences than the original version, and reliably measures omnipotence.

Declaration of interest

This study was supported by a University of Southampton grant to the first author.

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