55 the recognition of paediatric sports related concussion (5–16 year olds), initial management and advice among london based emergency medicine trainees

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ObjectiveThis study aimed to investigate knowledge of paediatric concussion amongst emergency medicine trainees, testing the hypothesis that emergency medicine trainees lack sufficient knowledge to competently assess, diagnose and manage sports-related paediatric concussion.Designcross-sectional questionnaire survey.SettingSecondary care emergency medicine departments.ParticipantsAll emergency medicine trainees in one geographical training region in the UK were invited to participate.Outcome measuresoccupational grade, years of experience, history of specific concussion training, awareness of head injury guidelines, perceived knowledge and confidence in concussion diagnosis and management.Main resultsSixty questionnaires were returned. Across all training grades, the mean correct response score on questions of diagnosis, assessment and management of concussion was 73.4%. Nearly 70% of trainees were not aware of any concussion guidelines, and only 10% had attended a course or received training regarding concussion. There was a negative correlation between awareness of guidelines and perceived confidence (r=−0.50 p<0.001), and knowledge in diagnosis and management of concussion (r=−0.51, p<0.001). The majority (91.7%) of the participants would like further education on concussion management, with an online learning module being the preferred format (71.7%).ConclusionsThe study revealed insufficient level of knowledge and confidence in the assessment, diagnosis and management of paediatric concussion among emergency medicine trainees. None of the variables studied statistically predicted knowledge score. Additional concussion-specific education would be beneficial to optimise trainees’ knowledge of paediatric concussion.Competing interestsNone.

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