German translation and content validation of the OSTRC Questionnaire on overuse injuries and health problems

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The aim of this study was to translate, culturally adapt and validate the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centre (OSTRC) Questionnaire on Health Problems into the German context.


A slightly modified back-translation method was used to translate the questionnaire. Validation was done in 24 high-level Paralympic athletes followed over 20 consecutive weeks.


The translated version of the questionnaire showed a very high internal consistency and good test–retest reliability (Cronbach's α 0.92, intraclass correlation coefficient 0.91). Additionally, we observed high acceptance and compliance from our cohort of athletes, whose mean weekly response rate was 91.5%. Overall, 114 training days were lost because of illness or injury within the 20 weeks and, on average, 5 athletes per week (20.8%) reported health problems.


This study demonstrates that the translated German version of the OSTRC Questionnaire is a reliable and valid tool with high internal consistency for the medical monitoring of German athletes. The OSTRC-G now offers the opportunity for a continued surveillance of high-level German athletes.

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