Predictors and consequences of negative attitudes toward immigrants in Belgium and Turkey: The role of acculturation preferences and economic competition

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This research tested predictors and consequences of majority members' negative attitudes towards immigrants in Belgium and Turkey. It tested a mediation model in which economic competition and a perceived preference of the immigrants for culture maintenance have negative effects on majority members' own acculturation preference for integration, and where a perceived preference of the immigrants for contact has a positive effect. The effects of all three predictors were hypothesized to be mediated by negative attitudes toward immigrants. Two survey studies were conducted, one in Belgium (N=106) and one in Turkey (N=93). Results showed that, as hypothesized, ‘economic competition’ and a ‘perceived preference for contact’ had indirect effects on ‘own acculturation preference’ for integration, and ‘negative attitude’ was the mediator. ‘Perceived preference for cultural maintenance’ had a direct effect on ‘own acculturation preference’.

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