Does the position of the patient affect the presence and/or degree of reflux in an ileal conduit urinary diversion?

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ObjectiveTo assess the effect of patient position (supine, sitting or standing) on ileo-ureteric reflux in patients with an ileal conduit urinary diversion, in whom such reflux is normally detected when they are supine during a retrograde loopogram.Patients and methodsThe study included 10 patients with an ileal conduit as a primary urinary diversion; a loopogram was obtained with the patient upright or supine and a further film taken with the patient supine but at 45° to the ground.ResultsWhen supine, free ileo-ureteric reflux occurred into both ureterorenal units in eight patients. The remaining two patients, who had previously undergone unilateral nephrectomy, also had reflux into their existing renal units. Of the 18 units, 15 had grade III and three had grade IV reflux. In the upright and 45° position, reflux still occurred in all ureterorenal units. The patient's position did not affect the degree of reflux in 16 units, but in one unit with grade IV reflux and another with grade III reflux, the reflux was one grade less severe.ConclusionsIleo-ureteric reflux is common after ileal conduit diversion and may contribute to the likelihood of renal deterioration. The presence and/or degree of reflux is generally not affected by the position of the patient.

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