The urology of Pharaonic Egypt
Extra-anatomic stents in ureteric obstruction: experience and complications
Laparoscopic ureterolithotomy: the Edinburgh experience
Primary in situ extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy in the management of ureteric calculi: results with a third-generation lithotripter
Chromosomal aberrations in transitional cell carcinoma that are predictive of disease outcome are independent of polyploidy
Assessment of a new bone anchor system for the treatment of female genuine stress incontinence
Failure of allograft suburethral slings
Intraurethral sphincter prosthesis to treat hyporeflexic bladders in women: does it work?
How is follow-up after transurethral prostatectomy best performed?
The follow-up of patients with unfavourable early results of transurethral prostatectomy
Hybrid laser treatment compared with transurethral resection of the prostate for symptomatic bladder outlet obstruction caused by a large benign prostate: a prospective, randomized trial with a 6-month follow-up
The stability of free and bound prostate-specific antigen
Efficacy and limitations of delayed/salvage radiation therapy after radical prostatectomy
An interstitial light assembly for photodynamic therapy in prostatic carcinoma
A double-blind, randomized, controlled multicentre study to compare the efficacy of ciprofloxacin with pivampicillin as oral therapy for epididymitis in men over 40 years of age
A comparison of the sperm mixed-agglutination reaction test with the peroxidase-labelled protein A test for detecting antisperm antibodies in infertile men with varicocele
The preventive effect of systemic treatment with interferon-α2B for infertility from mumps orchitis
Suture tracks after hypospadias repair
Effects of a phytotherapeutic agent, PC-SPES, on prostate cancer: a preliminary investigation on human cell lines and patients
Mast cell variations in tumour tissue and with histopathological grading in specimens of prostatic adenocarcinoma
Purinergic sensory neurotransmission in the urinary bladder: an in vitro study in the rat
Pharmacological and urodynamic changes in rat urinary bladder function after multiple pregnancies
Testicular prosthesis placement: a new technique
Unusual phimosis: a simple surgical solution
Recurrent granular cell tumour of the bladder in a patient with von Recklinghausen's disease
Infrahepatic renal cell carcinoma tumour thrombus: vena caval reconstruction with ovarian vein
Right pelvic ectopic kidney with pelvi-ureteric obstruction causing contralateral obstruction to kidney and ureter: a novel presentation of a pelvic ectopic kidney
Synchronous malignant melanoma of the male bulbar urethra and transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder
Gossypiboma: migration of retained surgical gauze and spontaneous transurethral protrusion
Posterior urethral polyp in a boy, diagnosed by colour Doppler ultrasonography
Gastroureteroplasty in a woman with bilateral ureteric strictures after pelvic radiotherapy
Traumatic urethral diverticula
Subumbilical ectopic testis
Long-term survival after surgery for recurrent advanced sarcomatoid renal carcinoma
Interstitial cystitis
Patients' tolerance of transrectal ultrasound-guided prostatic biopsy: an audit of 104 cases
Reduction of paraphimosis the simple way - the Dundee technique
Reduction of paraphimosis the simple way - the Dundee technique
Frequency and causes of fluid absorption: a comparison of the three techniques for resection of the prostate under continuous pressure monitoring
Tubularization of the incised urethral plate (Snodgrass procedure) for primary hypospadias repair
Tubularization of the incised urethral plate (Snodgrass procedure) for primary hypospadias repair
A century of prostate surgery
Atlas of Diseases of the Kidney, Volume 1
Diary 1999/2000/2001