Attenuation of reperfusion injury by renal ischaemic preconditioning: the role of nitric oxide
Monitoring of renal function in patients with spinal cord injury
Bacteriological safety and cost-effectiveness of a nonrefluxing valve in the irrigation system during outpatient flexible cystoscopy
Rethinking the secondary prevention of superficial bladder cancer: is there a role for retinoids?
A prospective pilot evaluation of urinary and immunohistochemical markers as predictors of clinical stage of urothelial carcinoma of the bladder
Morbidity and the impact on daily activities associated with catheter drainage after acute urinary retention
Are men with lower urinary tract symptoms at increased risk of prostate cancer? A systematic review and critique of the available evidence
The usefulness of power Doppler ultrasonography for diagnosing prostate cancer: histological correlation of each biopsy site
Transrectal power Doppler imaging in the detection of prostate cancer
Trends in prostate cancer incidence, mortality and survival in England and Wales 1971-1998
Mean time to cancer-specific death of apparently clinically localized prostate cancer: policy implications for threshold ages in prostate-specific antigen screening and ablative therapy
Early catheter removal in 100 consecutive patients undergoing radical retropubic prostatectomy
Stilboestrol plus adrenal suppression as salvage treatment for patients failing treatment with luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone analogues and orchidectomy
Benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate carcinoma in native Africans
Would prostate cancer detected by screening with prostate-specific antigen develop into clinical cancer if left undiagnosed? A comparison of two population-based studies in Sweden
Comparison of modified one- and two-layer microsurgical vasovasostomy
Intravasal azoospermia: a surgical dilemma
The postejaculatory refractory period: a neurophysiological study in the human male
Epididymectomy is an effective treatment for scrotal pain after vasectomy
Clinical, physical, sperm and hormonal data in 251 adults operated on for cryptorchidism in childhood
The changing urodynamic pattern from infancy to adolescence in boys with posterior urethral valves
The effect of bladder outlet obstruction on tissue oxygen tension and blood flow in the pig bladder
The production of nerve growth factor by human bladder smooth muscle cells in vivo and in vitro
Gene transfer to urethral strictures in rabbits: a preliminary report
Active properties of the urinary bladder: in vitro comparative studies between adult and neonatal rats
Genes upregulated during castration-induced rat prostatic apoptosis: cloning and characterization of new cDNAs
Possible biphasic changes of free radicals in ethylene glycol-induced nephrolithiasis in rats
Extravesical transitional cell carcinoma as a result of implantation after perforation of the bladder
Calcified nonfunctional paraganglioma of the urinary bladder mistaken as bladder calculus: a diagnostic pitfall
Points of technique and case reports on the Web
Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy of renal calculi during early pregnancy
The role of urine cytology in the assessment of lower urinary tract symptoms
Asymptomatic inflammation and/or infection in benign prostatic inflammation
Asymptomatic inflammation and/or infection in benign prostatic inflammation
A novel technique of ureteroneocystostomy (extravesical seromuscular tunnel): a clinical report of the first 12 cases
Incidental renal carcinoma with renal calculus disease: a series of five cases
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