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Lymphadenectomy for invasive bladder cancer
Lymphadenectomy for invasive bladder cancer. II. technical aspects and prognostic factors
A simple method for teaching about voiding disorders
Recent improvements in transurethral high-frequency electrosurgery of the prostate
Bicalutamide 150 mg plus standard care vs standard care alone for early prostate cancer
Factors predisposing to the development of anastomotic strictures in a single-surgeon series of radical retropubic prostatectomies
Location of a positive biopsy as a predictor of surgical margin status and extraprostatic disease in radical prostatectomy
Site of local anaesthesia in transrectal ultrasonography-guided 12-core prostate biopsy
The increased rate of prostate specific antigen testing has not affected prostate cancer presentation in an inner city population in the UK
Prostate tissue and leukocyte levels of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in men with benign prostate hyperplasia or prostate cancer
Twelve-month self-reported quality of life after retropubic radical prostatectomy
High-dose interleukin-2 immunotherapy is safe for patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma on dialysis
Urinary retention in women
Evidence of occult dysautonomia in Fowler's syndrome
Reduction of moderate-to-large cystocele during urodynamic evaluation using a vaginal gauze pack
What is the effect of overactive bladder symptoms on woman's quality of life during and after first pregnancy?
A prospective analysis of the diagnostic yield resulting from the attendance of 4020 patients at a protocol-driven haematuria clinic
Publication rate of abstracts presented at the British Association of Urological Surgeons Annual Meeting
Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic features of dapoxetine, a novel drug for ‘;on-demand’ treatment of premature ejaculation
Assessment of male sexual function by the Brief Sexual Function Inventory
Cigarette smoking is related to a decrease in semen volume in a population of fertile men
Venogenic erectile dysfunction in Klippel–Trenaunay syndrome
α1-Adrenoceptor subtypes in isolated corporal tissue from patients undergoing gender re-assignment
A 3-year review of The British Association of Urological Surgeons Section of Endourology Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Audit
The epidemiology of trauma of the genitourinary system after traffic accidents
Current concepts in achieving renal hypothermia during laparoscopic partial nephrectomy
Histopathological evaluation of the uterosacral ligament
Gender-associated differences in the psychosocial and developmental outcome in patients affected with the bladder exstrophy-epispadias complex
Urodynamic effects of propiverine hydrochloride in children with neurogenic detrusor overactivity
Paediatric percutaneous nephrolithotomy
Re-exploration of the acute scrotum
Late urodynamic findings after treating traumatic rupture of the posterior urethra in boys
Alterations in purinergic and cholinergic components of contractile responses of isolated detrusor contraction in a rat model of partial bladder outlet obstruction
Interstitial cells and cholinergic signalling in the outer muscle layers of the guinea-pig bladder
L6-S1 spinal nerve stimulation reduces micturition frequency in anaesthetized rats with cyclophosphamide-induced cystitis
Distribution of neuropeptide Y-containing nerves in the neurogenic and non-neurogenic detrusor
Intravesical instillation of human urine after oral administration of trospium, tolterodine and oxybutynin in a rat model of detrusor overactivity
Amplification of the urokinase gene and the sensitivity of prostate cancer cells to urokinase inhibitors
Left to our own devices
A prospective study to evaluate the safety, tolerability, efficacy and durability of response of intravesical injection of botulinum toxin type A into detrusor muscle in patients with refractory idiopathic detrusor overactivity
What surgical resection margins are required to achieve oncological control in men with primary penile cancer?
Cystoscopic removal of a JJ stent using a suture ‘;lasso’
Urine cytology after flexible cystoscopy
Urine cytology after flexible cystoscopy
Radical prostatectomy versus watchful waiting
Colonic pouch (Mainz-pouch III) for continent urinary diversion