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Biomarkers in chronic pelvic pain syndrome : did we find the Holy Grail?
Biomarkers for urological chronic pelvic pain : is there light at the end of the tunnel?
Shift from protocol‐based to personalized medicine in active surveillance : beginning of a new era
Active surveillance in prostate cancer : new efforts, new voices, new hope
Prostate‐specific membrane antigen radioguided surgery : a promising utility
Pre‐stenting and the risk of postoperative sepsis : a shorter dwell time is better
Calculating life expectancy to inform prostate cancer screening and treatment decisions
Systematic review of the oncological and functional outcomes of pelvic organ‐preserving radical cystectomy (RC) compared with standard RC in women who undergo curative surgery and orthotopic neobladder substitution for bladder cancer
Risk prediction tool for grade re‐classification in men with favourable‐risk prostate cancer on active surveillance
Qualitative study on decision‐making by prostate cancer physicians during active surveillance
Value of 111In‐prostate‐specific membrane antigen (PSMA)‐radioguided surgery for salvage lymphadenectomy in recurrent prostate cancer : correlation with histopathology and clinical follow‐up
Risk of hospitalisation after primary treatment for prostate cancer
Long‐term outcomes of high‐dose‐rate brachytherapy for intermediate‐ and high‐risk prostate cancer with a median follow‐up of 10 years
Prostate Health Index improves multivariable risk prediction of aggressive prostate cancer†
Long‐term utility of adjuvant hormonal and radiation therapy for patients with seminal vesicle invasion at radical prostatectomy
Development and external validation of a biopsy‐derived nomogram to predict risk of ipsilateral extraprostatic extension
Anatomical study of renal arterial vasculature and its potential impact on partial nephrectomy
Lesion volume predicts prostate cancer risk and aggressiveness : validation of its value alone and matched with prostate imaging reporting and data system score
Modified retroperitoneal lymph node dissection for post‐chemotherapy residual tumour : a long‐term update
Prevalence of kidney stones in China : an ultrasonography based cross‐sectional study
Ureteric stent dwelling time : a risk factor for post‐ureteroscopy sepsis
Evaluation and establishment of a ward‐based geriatric liaison service for older urological surgical patients : Proactive care of Older People undergoing Surgery (POPS)‐Urology
Identification of novel non‐invasive biomarkers of urinary chronic pelvic pain syndrome : findings from the Multidisciplinary Approach to the Study of Chronic Pelvic Pain (MAPP) Research Network
cAMP‐dependent regulation of RhoA/Rho‐kinase attenuates detrusor overactivity in a novel mouse experimental model
Robot‐assisted approach to ‘W’‐configuration urinary diversion : a step‐by‐step technique