Buccal mucosal grafts in the treatment of ureteric lesions

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To devise a procedure capable of curing complicated ureteric strictures and replacing segments of lost ureter, without the long-term infective complications of bowel interposition or the surgical magnitude of autotransplantation.

Patients and methods

Four patients with complicated strictures and one with segmental ureteric loss were treated by buccal mucosal patch grafts and an omental wrap. One patient with segmental ureteric loss was treated by interposition of a tubularized buccal mucosal graft.


Ureteric patency was established and maintained in all patients, there were no complications and urine was sterile in all patients at follow-up.


In a few patients, buccal mucosal patch graft repair has proved capable of maintaining patency and good urinary drainage in patients with complicated ureteric strictures. Segmental ureteric loss has been replaced in one patient by a patch graft and in another by tubularized graft interposition.

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