Total hip arthroplasty using the Wroblewski golf ball cup inserted through the posterior approach: A HIGH RATE OF DISLOCATION

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The Wroblewski golf ball acetabular cup was introduced by surgeons using the trochanteric osteotomy approach for revision total hip replacement (THR) in order to reduce the rate of dislocation. We have routinely used the Ogee long posterior wall (Ogee LPW) and the Wroblewski angle bore cups in THR. Although the new Wroblewski golf ball cup performed well there was a significant early rate of dislocation of 20%. Our rate of dislocation over a period of ten years using the Ogee LPW and Wroblewski angle bore cups had been 0.52%. We present our findings and an investigation as to why the new cup has such a high rate of dislocation when used with the posterior approach. We show that a relatively small change in the design of the acetabular component resulted in significant adverse clinical results.

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