Valgus femoral osteotomy for hinge abduction in Perthes' disease: DECISION-MAKING AND OUTCOMES

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We studied, clinically and radiologically, the growth and remodelling of 21 hips after valgus femoral osteotomy with both rotational and sagittal correction for hinge abduction in 21 patients (mean age, 9.7 years) with Perthes' disease. The exact type of osteotomy performed was based on the pre-operative clinical and radiological assessment and the results of intra-operative dynamic arthrography. The mean IOWA hip score was 66 (34 to 76) before surgery and 92 (80 to 100) at a mean follow-up of 7.1 years (3.0 to 15.0). Radiological measurements revealed favourable remodelling of the femoral head and improved hip joint mechanics.

Valgus osteotomy, with both rotational and sagittal correction, can improve symptoms, function and remodelling of the hip in patients with Perthes' disease.

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