Assessing the quality of care for haemophilia at the Yaoundé reference treatment Centre of Cameroon

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With a recently established Haemophilia Treatment Centre (HTC) in Yaoundé, Cameroon, over a hundred people living with haemophilia have been recruited and followed up at this centre. This study aimed at assessing the quality of haemophilia care provided at the HTC, in order to monitor and improve patient care. In February 2014, the HTC was assessed using recommended markers. Although few, the logistics and reagents for the diagnosis and treatment of haemophilia were available. There were seven trained workers involved with haemophilia care, but the multidisciplinary care team was incomplete. A total of 113 people living with haemophilia (all males) had been registered and regularly followed up at the HTC. This study showed that the HTC of the Yaoundé University Teaching Hospital, although not yet ideal, allows for some degree of haemophilia patient care. Hence, it may be recommended to improve the centre and make it fully established in Cameroon.

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