Successful immune tolerance induction using turoctocog alfa in an adult haemophilia A patient

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We present here the first known case of successful immune tolerance induction (ITI) using recombinant factor VIII (rFVIII), turoctocog alfa, in a patient with severe haemophilia A. The 38-year-old patient with a long-standing inhibitor required urgent surgery for severe arthropathy. rFVIII was administered throughout the surgical period. Surgery was considered successful, but on day 7 after surgery, an increased level of FVIII inhibitors were detected. ITI was attempted immediately thereafter according to the Bonn protocol. Inhibitors were no longer detected on day 17; 13 months later, successful ITI was achieved. This case suggests that a long-time interval between inhibitor appearance and the start of ITI therapy may not necessarily indicate poor prognosis.

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