A fast new medium in haemostasis and thrombosis
Anticardiolipin antibodies in HIV-negative and HIV-positive haemophiliacs
A murine monoclonal anti-factor VIII inhibitory antibody and two human factor VIII inhibitors bind to different areas within a twenty amino acid segment of the acidic region of factor VIII heavy chain
Studies on the relationship between 'antiphospholipid' antibodies and the lupus anticoagulant
Thrombogenicity of a factor IX concentrate quantitated in a canine model
Kinetic studies of plasminogen activation by epithelial tissue plasminogen activator
The role of arachidonic acid release and lipoxygenase pathway in lipopolysaccharide-induced thromboplastin activity in monocytes
The influence of pH on aggregation of human washed platelets induced by thrombin or collagen
The serine antiprotease aprotinin (Trasyloltm)
Clotting factors in tumour tissue
The elastase-mediated pathway of fibrinolysis
Monoclonal antibody-based plasma assays for fibrin(ogen) and derivatives, and their clinical relevance
Idiopathic chronic disseminated intravascular coagulation
Critical Factors in Haemostasis
Platelet Disorders
Molecular Genetics and Immunoanalysis in Blood Coagulation
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CRYOBASE (v. 2.36) Cryogenic Storage Management System
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