Arachidonic acid metabolites, ADP and thrombin modulate occlusive thrombus formation over extensive arterial injury in the rat
Use of a simplified dilute Russell's viper venom time (DRWT) confirms heterogeneity among 'lupus anticoagulants'
Effect of hirudin on tissue plasminogen activator induced clot lysis
Neutrophil proteases in plasminogen activation
Fibrin-dependzent activation of plasminogen by a proteolytic digest of streptokinase
Coagulant and noncoagulant thrombin enzymatic activity on the endothelium
The effect of modified electroconvulsive therapy on vasopressin release and haemostasis in man
Hormonal regulation of the acute haemostatic response to stress
Factor VIIa in the treatment of haemophilia
Hereditary protein C deficiency : a review of the genetics, clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment
Multiple, relapsing thrombosis in a young man with primary thrombocytosis
Multiple transient ischaemic attacks and a mild thrombotic stroke in a HIV-positive patient with anticardiolipin antibodies
Coagulation and Bleeding Disorders : The Role of Factor VIII and von Willebtand Factor
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