Haemostatic changes in long-distance runners and their relevance to the prevention of ischaemic heart disease
Thrombin activation and increased fibrinolysis in patients with chronic liver disease
Venous thrombosis and tissue plasminogen activator release deficiency
Histidine-rich glycoprotein in thrombolytic therapy
Hydration of fibrinogen, fibrin, and fibrin degradation product (FDP) as estimated by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy
Interference caused by acid extraction in the study of diacylglycerol in platelets
Plasmatic factors of haemostasis remain essentially unchanged except for PAI activity during n-3 fatty acid intake in type I diabetes mellitus
Qualitative assessment of von Willebrand Factor (vWF) in cirrhotics following repeated doses of desmopressin acetate
No transplacental passage of standard heparin or an enzymatically depolymerized low molecular weight heparin
Prevention of in vitro fibrinogenolysis during laboratory monitoring of thrombolytic therapy with streptokinase or APSAC
Development of a simple collagen based ELISA assay aids in the diagnosis of, and permits sensitive discrimination between Type I and Type II, von Willebrand's disease
Carrier detection and prenatal diagnosis in 98 families of haemophilia A by linkage analysis and direct detection of mutations
Force monitoring of clot retraction during DDAVP therapy for the qualitative platelet disorder of uraemia
Isolation and autolysis of human meizothrombin in the presence of dansylarginine-N-(3 -ethyl-1,5-pentanediyl)amide
New approaches to antiplatelet therapy
Quality monitoring of haemapheresis platelet concentrates
von Willebrand Factor and platelet interactions with the vessel wall
Platelets, coagulation, and fibrinolysis in sickle cell disease
Platelet Storage and Transfusion
An overview of current quality control procedures in platelet storage lesion and transfusion
Characteristics of platelet concentrates, with particular reference to Autopheresis C PlateletcellTM
Platelet-mediated alterations in cardiac cellular electrophysiology
Monitoring the release of glycocalicin in platelet concentrates by ELISA
Platelet activation during preparation and storage of concentrates
Platelet transfusions irradiated with ultraviolet-B light may have a role in reducing recipient alloimmunization
Clinical aspects of platelet transfusions
Antithrombotic Therapy
Disorders of Hemostasis
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