The catalytic role of anionic phospholipids in the activation of protein C by factor Xa and expression of its anticoagulant function in human plasma
Platelet-induced granulocyte aggregation in vitro
Functional assay of protein S in 70 patients with congenital and acquired disorders
Tissue factor pathway inhibitor with high anticoagulant activity is increased in post-heparin plasma and in plasma from cancer patients
Regulation of activated protein C by factor Xa
Use of factor VII-deficient beagles bred by artificial insemination to evaluate mechanisms of thrombosis associated with prothrombin complex concentrates
The site of activation of factor X by cancer procoagulant
Differential effects of divalent cations on fibrin structure
Thrombus resistance to lysis and reocclusion after thrombolysis
Lipoprotein(a) inhibits plasminogen activation in a template-dependent manner
Whole blood granulocyte aggregation in vitro in dialysis-dependent patients
Transient lupus anticoagulant induced by Epstein-Barr virus infection
Treatment of the severe bleeding episode in type III von Willebrand's disease by simultaneous administration of cryoprecipitate and platelet concentrate
Biotechnology of Plasma Proteins, Haemostasis, Thrombosis and Iron Proteins
Recent Advances in Blood Coagulation
Software Review
New product line available from Serotec
Aprotinin (Trasylol™) receives UK licence for high-risk cardiac surgery
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