Activated protein C accelerates clot lysis by virtue of its anticoagulant activity
Generation and partial characterization of five monoclonal antibodies with high affinities for fibrin
The relationship between factor VII coagulant activity and factor XII activation induced in plasma by endogenous or exogenously added contact surface
Differential fibrinolytic properties of the recombinant plasminogen activator BM 06.022 in human plasma and blood clot systems in vitro
Screening for fibrinolysis inhibitory effect of synthetic thrombin inhibitors
Activation of coagulation and fibrinolysis in patients with lung cancer : relation to tumour stage and prognosis
RGD-containing peptides inhibit adhesion of 293 cells transfected with GpIIb/IIIa to fibrinogen : comparison to inhibition of platelet aggregation
A new rat model of arterial thrombosis with a platelet-rich head and an erythrocyte-rich tail : thrombolysis experiments with specific thrombin inhibition
Twelve novel and two recurrent mutations in 14 Austrian families with hereditary protein C deficiency
The role of tissue factor in the production of thrombin
Structure and function of the urokinase receptor
Active site and exosite binding of α-thrombin
Report of a joint WHO/WFH meeting on the control of haemophilia : carrier detection and prenatal diagnosis
A Gla domain mutation (Arg 15→Trp) in the protein C (PROC) gene causing type 2 protein C deficiency and recurrent venous thrombosis
British Society for Haemostasis and Thrombosis : Edinburgh 30–31 March 1993
Haemostasis and Thrombosis in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Fibrinogen : A “New” Cardiovascular Risk Factor
Fibrinolysis, Thrombosis and Hemostasis. Concepts, Perspectives and Clinical Applications
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