Measurement of plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 antigen: comparison of Tintelize™ and Imubind™ methods
Coagulation factors and markers of activation of coagulation in homocystinuria (HOCY): a study in two siblings
Inhibition of clot-bound and free (fluid-phase thrombin) by a novel synthetic thrombin inhibitor (Ro 46-6240), recombinant hirudin and heparin in human plasma
Heterozygous type I plasminogen deficiency is associated with an increased risk for thrombosis: a statistical analysis in 20 kindreds
Carotid artery wall morphology, haemostatic factors and cardiovascular disease. An ultrasound study in men at high and low risk for atherosclerotic disease
Heparin modulation of the fibrinolytic activity of plasmin, miniplasmin and neutrophil leukocyte elastase in the presence of plasma protease inhibitors
Immunogenicity of the chimeric plasminogen activator K2tu-PA in rabbits
Binding of vascular anticoagulant alpha (annexin V) to the aortic intima of the hypercholesterolemic rabbit. An autoradiographic study
Staurosporine blocks down-regulation of monocyte-associated tissue factor
Large-scale preparation and biochemical characterization of a new high purity factor IX concentrate prepared by metal chelate affinity chromatography
Fibrinolysis and elastic compression: no fibrinolytic effect of elastic compression in healthy volunteers
Inaccuracy of the ‘derived’ fibrinogen measurement
Re-evaluation of the therapeutic efficacy of DDAVP in type IIB von Willebrand's disease
Potential thrombogenicity of coronary angioplasty compared with coronary angiography
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