Vascular endothelial cell activation and permeability responses to thrombin
Hemostatic abnormalities in patients with pulmonary embolism compared with that in deep vein thrombosis
Structural domains of thrombin involved in the induction of mitogenesis in cultured human vascular smooth muscle cells
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The role of von Willebrand factor in haemostasis and blood loss during and after cardiopulmonary bypass surgery
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Thrombocytopenia, antithrombin deficiency and extensive thromboembolism in pregnancy
Heterozygous factor VII deficiency and severe hemophilia A in the same kindred
Presentation of an acquired factor VIII inhibitor with a muscular haematoma mimicking a deep venous thrombosis in a patient with breast cancer
Influence of protein C resistance (APC-R) on the determination of proteins C and S by functional clotting assays
Suppression of F1+2 (thrombin) generation in patients with DVT requires increased doses of heparin
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