Effects of poloxamer 407 on the assembly, structure and dissolution of fibrin clots
Plasma factor VII levels are influenced by a polymorphism in the promoter region of the FVII gene
Complex functional and structural coagulation abnormalities in the carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome type I
Serotonin stimulates megakaryocytopoiesis via the 5-HT2 receptor
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Type I antithrombin deficiency : five novel mutations associated with thrombosis
Drawbacks of the MAIPA technique in characterising human antiplatelet antibodies
Workshops on Platelet Activation
Signals elicited from human platelets by synthetic, triple helical, collagen-like peptides
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Platelet size : measurement, physiology and vascular disease
Studies of the platelet filter test (shear dependent platelet aggregation) in patients with uncommon haemorrhagic disorders
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Immunoelectron microscopic changes of the platelet plasma membrane after activation
Activation of the endothelin B receptor causes a dose-dependent accumulation of cyclic GMP in human platelets
Platelet activation during provocation of coronary artery spasm by ergonovine and cold pressor testing in patients with angina pectoris
Expression, purification and characterisation of recombinant pallidipin, a novel platelet aggregation inhibitor from the haematophageous triatomine bug Triatoma pallidipennis
Dose-responses to inducers and inhibitors of platelet aggregation analysed via a micro-method
Inhibition of blood platelet functions by cationic amphiphilic drugs in relation to their physico-chemical properties
Platelet-activating factor and not thromboxane A2 is an important mediator of endotoxin-induced platelet aggregation in equine heparinised whole blood in vitro
Analysis of effects of adrenaline and collagen on the activity of prostaglandin E1-stimulated human platelet adenylyl cyclase
Thrombospondin measured in whole blood—an indicator of platelet activation
In vitro study of the anti-aggregating activity of two nitroderivatives of acetylsalicylic acid
Contact-induced modulation of neutrophil elastase secretion and phagocytic activity by platelets
Redistribution of membrane glycoproteins in platelets activated under flow conditions
Activated platelets and impaired platelet function in intensive care patients analyzed by flow cytometry
Changes in the composition of the platelet cytoskeleton in response to ADP : effects of MK-852 and ARL 66096
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A deletion in the α subunit locks platelet integrin αIIbβ3 into a high affinity state
Thrombospondin peptides inhibit the secretion-dependent phase of platelet aggregation
Magnesium inhibits human platelets
Studies on the effects of agonists and antagonists on platelet shape change and platelet aggregation in whole blood
cAMP is not an important messenger for ADP-induced platelet aggregation
Activation of human platelets by lysophosphatidic acid
New pentamidine related substances which simultaneously inhibit platelet aggregation and accelerate plasmin generation and in vitro clot lysis
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ADP-induced P-selectin expression on platelets as a predictor of successful thrombolysis
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