A fatal low-molecular-weight heparin-associated thrombocytopenia after hip surgery : possible usefulness of PF4-heparin ELISA test
A rapid and cost effective method for analysis of dinucleotide repeat polymorphisms in the factor VIII gene
A thromboelastography study on the in vitro effects of L-arginine and L-N G-nitro arginine methyl ester on human whole blood coagulation and fibrinolysis
Ischaemic stroke in infancy and childhood : role of the Arg506 to Gln mutation in the factor V gene
Low thrombosis rate seen in blood donors and their relatives with inherited deficiencies of antithrombin and protein C : correlation with type of defect, family history, and absence of the factor VLeiden mutation
Haemostatic factors, atherosclerosis and risk of abdominal aortic aneurysm
Activated protein C resistance in patients with anti-β2 glycoprotein I antibodies
Homozygous variant of antithrombin with lack of affinity for heparin : management of severe thrombotic complications associated with intrauterine fetal demise
Unexpected low prevalence of FVIII gene inversion in severe hemophilia A patients from north-eastern Italy
Pitfalls of protein C assays in patients with activated protein C resistance
Pitfalls of protein C assays in patients with activated protein C resistance—reply
British Society for Haemostasis and Thrombosis 3–4 October 1996
British Society for Haemostasis and Thrombosis 3–4 October 1996
The impact of transmittance waveforms from an automated coagulation analyser on the early identification of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)
The paraoxonase Gln/Arg polymorphism and cerebrovascular disease
Von Willebrand factor multimer patterns in acute cerebrovascular disease
Anti-thrombotic effects of novel fluoro-surfactants
The association of the platelet PLA polymorphism with myocardial infarction and extent of coronary artery disease
Nitric oxide release from platelets stimulated by ADP and collagen
Incidence of heparin induced thrombocytopenia in a cardiothoracic centre
Endothelial cell control of vascular homeostasis : receptors, signal transduction pathways and responses
Tissue factor and tissue factor pathway inhibitor levels pre and post operatively in cardiopulmonary bypass surgery
Correlation between the markers of thrombin generation and protein C activation at the site of coronary angioplasty with subsequent restenosis
Blood viscosity and cardiovascular events : the Edinburgh Artery Study
Von Willebrand factor is associated with myocardial infarction and extent of coronary artery disease
Enhanced cell-associated u-PA activity of endothelial cells in response to soluble factors released by human peripheral blood monocytes
Intra-arterial substance P is a potent stimulant for the release of tissue plasminogen activator in the human forearm via a flow independent mechanism
Longitudinal study of patterns of hepatitis G virus viraemia in haemophiliacs
The inhibitory action of apolipoprotein B-100 towards thromboplastin, arises from the receptor binding domain of this protein
A new method for measuring the interaction of coagulation factors with phospholipid membranes
Tridegin, a new factor XIIIa inhibitor from the Giant Amazon Leech, Haementeria ghilianii
Platelet-mediated resistance of plasma clots to lysis is largely overcome by specific inhibition of factor XIIIa with Tridegin
System ISI calibration : a universally applicable scheme is possible only when coumarin plasma calibrants are used
P1 Monoclonal ELISA for free protein S compared with PEG precipitation
P2 The potency of Tridegin, the new leech-derived factor XIIIa inhibitor, as a transglutaminase inhibitor
P3 Inhibition of fibrin cross-linking with Tridegin results in clots that lyse more rapidly
P4 Inhibition of thromboplastin activity by the C-terminal of tissue factor pathway inhibitor (TFPI)
P5 The influence of LDL oxidation on the interaction of TFPI and thromboplasin
P6 Sensitivity of thromboplastins to freezing-and freeze drying-induced alterations in coumarin plasmas
P7 The effect of freezing and freeze drying on coagulation factors of the extrinsic pathway
P8 Polymorphisms of the angiotensinogen gene in relation to hypertensive cerebrovascular disease
P9 The molecular basis of antithrombin deficiency : a survey of twelve kindred
P10 Temperature produced by bone cement increases the risk of thrombosis in cemented prosthesis
P11 The use of an ELISA for von Willebrand Factor activity in the diagnosis of von Willebrand's disease