Factor V Leiden in Greek thrombophilia patients
Use of first nucleotide change technology to determine the frequency of factor V Leiden in a population of Australian blood donors
The usefulness of single-strand DNA conformation polymorphism analysis to detect mutations in protein C deficiency
Pseudo-homozygous activated protein C resistance due to coinheritance of heterozygous factor V Leiden mutation and type I factor V deficiency. Variable expression when analyzed by different activated protein C resistance functional assays
Bleeding predictors in factor-XI-deficient patients
Effects of serotonin on platelet activation in whole blood
Factor VII R353Q polymorphism and lacunar stroke in Japanese hypertensive patients and normotensive controls
Factor XII determinations and lupus anticoagulants
Increased activated factor VII levels caused by intake of natto, a Japanese vitamin K-rich food prepared from fermented soybean
Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis 1997, Volume 8
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