Fibrinolytic agents inhibit platelet adhesion onto collagen type I-coated surfaces at high blood flow conditions
Reconstituted recombinant factor VIII can be safely infused continuously for at least three days: it is a poor microbial growth medium
Involvement of platelet-derived 5-hydroxytryptamine in thromboxane A2-induced aggregation in cat platelets
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Measurement of plasma fibrinogen concentration by the prothrombin-time-derived method: applicability and limitations
Circulating von Willebrand factor antigen II in atherosclerosis: a comparison with von Willebrand factor and soluble thrombomodulin
Genetic polymorphisms of factor VII are not associated with arterial thrombosis
Atypical heparin-induced thrombocytopenia complicated by intracardiac thrombus, effectively treated with ultra-low-dose rt-PA lysis and recombinant hirudin (Lepirudin)
Hyperfibrinogenolysis in disseminated adenocarcinoma
Glanzmann thrombasthenia in two Iraqi-Jewish siblings is caused by a novel splice junction mutation in the glycoprotein IIb
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Novel identifications of homozygous factor V Leiden mutation in three UK Asian sisters