Elevated levels of free tissue factor pathway inhibitor antigen in cases of disseminated intravascular coagulation caused by various underlying diseases
Reversal of excessive oral anticoagulation with a low oral dose of vitamin K1 compared with acenocoumarine discontinuation. A prospective, randomized, open study
Hemostatic and fibrinolytic parameters in survivors of myocardial infarction: a low plasma level of plasmin–α2-antiplasmin complex is an independent predictor of coronary re-events
Hemostatic effects of antithrombin III supplementation during cardiac surgery: results of a prospective randomized investigation
A rapid and cost-effective method for analysis of three common genetic risk factors for thrombosis
Determination of plasma aprotinin levels by functional and immunologic assays
Increased soluble P-selectin in patients with haematological and breast cancer: a comparison with fibrinogen, plasminogen activator inhibitor and von Willebrand factor
Impact of the fibrinolytic enzyme system on prognosis and survival associated with non-small cell lung carcinoma
Increased plasma fibrinolysis and tissue-type plasminogen activator/tissue-type plasminogen activator inhibitor ratios after ethanol withdrawal in chronic alcoholics
A randomized trial of the effects of garlic oil upon coronary heart disease risk factors in trained male runners
The inhibition of TNK-t-PA by C1-inhibitor
Unsuspected hyperhomocysteinemia in chronically anticoagulated patients
. . .relationship between dislipidemia and thrombosis yet unproven
. . .relationship between dislipidemia and thrombosis yet unproven