Corn trypsin inhibitor in fluorogenic thrombin-generation measurements is only necessary at low tissue factor concentrations and influences the relationship between factor VIII coagulant activity and thrombogram parameters
Persistent factor VIII-dependent factor X activation on endothelial cells is independent of von Willebrand factor
Screening of mutations of hemophilia A in 40 Italian patients: a novel G-to-A mutation in intron 10 of the F8 gene as a putative cause of mild hemophilia a in southern Italy
Early intervention with antithrombin III therapy to prevent progression of hepatic venoocclusive disease
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Whole blood coagulation measured by modified thrombelastography (ROTEM) is impaired in infants with congenital heart diseases
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ABO blood group distribution and major cardiovascular risk factors in patients with acute myocardial infarction
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Four novel FXI gene mutations in three factor XI- deficient patients
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