Experimental study on the hemostatc activity of Pollen Typhae
Determination of an international sensitivity index of thromboplastin reagents using a WHO thromboplastin as calibrator for plasma spiked with rivaroxaban
Low thrombogenicity of calcified atherosclerotic plaques is associated with bone morphogenetic protein-2-dependent inhibition of tissue factor expression
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Redox-based thrombelastographic method to detect carboxyhemefibrinogen-mediated hypercoagulability
Intrarater and interrater variability of point of care coagulation testing using the ROTEM delta
Chest physicians’ knowledge of appropriate thromboprophylaxis
Severe factor X deficiency in three unrelated Palestinian patients is caused by homozygosity for the mutation c302delG-correlation with thrombin generation and thromboelastometry
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Differences in fibrin fiber diameters in healthy individuals and thromboembolic ischemic stroke patients
Egyptian experience of reliability of 4T's score in diagnosis of heparin induced thrombocytopenia syndrome
Structure of fibrin network of two abnormal fibrinogens with mutations in the αC domain on the human dermal microvascular endothelial cells 1
Carbon monoxide and nitric oxide modulate α2-antiplasmin and plasmin activity
Arterial antithrombotic activity of rivaroxaban, an orally active factor Xa inhibitor, in a rat electrolytic carotid artery injury model of thrombosis
Observational study of fibrinogen concentrate in massive hemorrhage
Formation of obstructing blood clot in the ureter in a patient with Glanzmann's thrombasthenia
Acquired haemophilia A in a woman with autoimmune hepatitis and systemic lupus erythematosus
A novel splice-site mutation c.42-2A>T (IVS1-2A>T) of SERPINC1 in a Korean family with inherited antithrombin deficiency
Anticoagulant-resistant thrombophilia in a patient with polycythemia vera
Desmopressin-induced Moschcowitz-like syndrome after treatment of uterine atonic bleeding in a 28-year-old pregnant woman
Painful congestion of the lower limbs and recurrent fever
Carbon monoxide-releasing molecule-2 enhances coagulation in rabbit plasma and decreases bleeding time in clopidogrel/aspirin-treated rabbits
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