Proceedings from the Houston symposium on Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in the Pediatric Population
Racial differences in ambulatory blood pressure monitoring-derived 24 h patterns of blood pressure in adolescents
Population studies of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in Brazilian children
Stress-induced alterations of blood pressure and 24 h ambulatory blood pressure in adolescents
Development of normative ambulatory blood pressure data in children : Marianne Soergel and the Arbeitsgruppe Pädiatrische Hypertonie
Development of diagnostic thresholds for automated measurement of blood pressures in adults
Time-qualified reference values for 24 h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
Patterns of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring : linkage of data analysis to the disease process
Technical aspects of blood pressure measurement in pediatric patients
Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and hypertensive target-organ damage in children
Hypertension-induced cardiac damage in children and adolescents
Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in pediatric end-stage renal disease : chronic dialysis and transplantation
White-coat hypertension in adults and children
Ambulatory blood pressure as a predictor of target organ disease and outcome in the hypertensive patient
Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in the assessment of antihypertensive therapy
Trials of antihypertensive therapies in children
Issues in the design and implementation of multicenter studies in pediatric nephrology
Overview of the history of pediatric blood pressure assessment and hypertension : an epidemiologic perspective