Treatment of transverse patellar fractures: a comparison between metallic and non-metallic implants

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Several methods of transverse patellar fixation have been described. This study compares the clinical outcome and the occurrence of complications of various fixation methods.

Sources of data

The databases PubMed, Web of Science, Science Direct, Google Scholar and Google were searched.

Areas of agreement

A direct comparison between fixation techniques using mixed or non-metallic implants and metallic K-wire and tension band fixation shows no significant difference in clinical outcome between both groups. Additionally, studies reporting novel operation techniques show good clinical results.

Areas of controversy

Studies describing the treatment of patients using non-metallic or mixed implants are fewer compared with those using metallic fixation.

Growing points

A large variety of clinical scoring systems were used for assessing the results of treatment, which makes direct comparison difficult.

Areas timely for developing research

More data of fracture treatment using non-metallic or mixed implants is needed to achieve a more balanced comparison.

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