An unusual cause of pneumonia
A large left atrial myxoma causing multiple cerebral infarcts
Tentorial dural arteriovenous fistula manifesting as contralateral trigeminal neuralgia
Cerebral arteriopathy associated with Arg179His ACTA2 mutation
Adrenal nodule visualised on adrenal vein catheterisation
An uncommon Essex-Lopresti fracture dislocation with radial displacement in distal direction
Laparoscopic upper pole splenectomy of the simple splenic cyst
Meningeal calcification in basal cell nevus syndrome
Non-invasive, low-grade papillary urothelial carcinoma in the urachus
New onset S wave in pulmonary embolism
Discordant monozygotic total colonic Hirschsprung's disease presenting with neonatal isolated ileal perforation
Pancreatic cancer presenting as a Sister Mary Joseph's nodule
A colorectal carcinoma imitating a primary ovarian carcinoma in a postpartum woman
Splenectomy complicated by sustained extreme thrombocytosis and extensive portosplenomesenteric vein thrombosis in pyrimidine 5′-nucleotidase deficiency
Chilblain lupus erythematosus
Diagnostic difficulties delaying treatment in a patient with fibrous dysplasia of the right femur
Hygroma in a 23-year-old man
Boerhaave's syndrome presenting as an upper gastrointestinal bleed
Ventriculopleural shunt CSF pseudocyst presenting as an anterior mediastinal mass
Ocular quinine toxicity in a sleepwalker
Stage 3 pyomyositis of the gluteus minimus; Staphylococcus aureus sepsis, autoanticoagulation, proximal femoral osteomyelitis and the role of surgical intervention
Early aetiological agent identification of osteomyelitis with the Light Cycler SeptiFast test from peripheral blood
Recurrent cardiac tamponade in a young woman
The development of Fournier's gangrene following rubber band ligation of haemorrhoids
Imaging in Fahr’s disease
Late relapse myoclonus in a case of Lance-Adams syndrome
Juvenile aggressive cemento-ossifying fibroma of the sphenoid sinus with proptosis
Skin rash from dengue fever
Recognising serious umbilical cord anomalies
Lemierre syndrome
Bisphosphonate-induced atypical subtrochanteric femoral fracture
Acute cytomegalovirus hepatitis in an immunocompetent host
Chemotherapy-resistant breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma
Baboon syndrome
An unusually extensive internal jugular vein thrombosis
Pneumocystis jerovecii pneumonia in a patient with untreated chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
Compression neuropathy of the common peroneal nerve by the fabella
An unusual distended abdomen
Acute kidney injury as first presentation of lymphoma
Fracture of tibial tuberosity in an adult