Combined use of Solitaire FR and Penumbra devices for endovascular treatment of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis in a child
Complications of the ‘Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Programme’ following pedicled vertical rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap in perineum reconstruction
Massive haemoptysis following dabigatran administration in a patient with bronchiectasis
Acute large bowel obstruction secondary to stage 4 colonic carcinoma in an elderly man with severe aortic stenosis
Ophthalmomyiasis externa from Hakkari, the south east border of Turkey
Bilateral hip arthritis in a case of renal osteodystrophy
A rare aetiology for increased drain output following a robotic-assisted prostatectomy
Aneurysmal bone cyst of medial cuneiform and a novel surgical technique for mid-foot reconstruction
A man from South Asia presenting with abdominal pain
Kernohan's notch and misdiagnosis of disorders of consciousness
Posterior shoulder dislocation while lifting weights
Fetal ascites and hydrometrocolpos due to persistent urogenital sinus and cloaca
Incidental finding of an orbital foreign body in a child with microcephaly and developmental delay
A solitary osteochondroma of the scapula
Lateral rectus palsy following coronary angiography and percutaneous coronary intervention
Iatrogenic takotsubo cardiomyopathy induced by locally applied epinephrine and cocaine
Sepsis-induced purpura fulminans caused by Pasteurella multocida
Red fist and muscle weakness with a rare complication
Abdominal pain and swelling as an initial presentation of spinal tuberculosis
Widespread skin rash following travel to South-East Asia
Reticular schwannoma mimicking myxoid sarcoma
Mobile ependymoma diagnosed with cine MRI
Jejunal perforation
Complete C4 vertebral body destruction
Regurgitation of blood flow from the ectatic LAD artery as a cause of angina demonstrated during coronary angiogram
Digital high-pressure injection injury
Fracture and aspiration of a tracheostomy tube
Severe vascular calcification and gangrene in a haemodialysis patient
Metastatic signet ring cell carcinoma of unknown primary source
Functional paraganglioma
Radiation-induced SVC syndrome
Neck of femur fracture fixation in a bilateral amputee
Retained foreign body after chest stab wound
Keeping track of migratory pulmonary lesions
Lipoma arborescens