Spontaneous pneumomediastinum (Hamman's syndrome)
Chronic myeloid leukaemia with extreme thrombocytosis
Embolisation of vascular renal tumour
Idiopathic pseudoaneurysm
Bilateral papilloedema in Camurati-Engelmann disease
A masquerader? Paecilomyces must be distinguished from Penicillium in fungal keratitis
An unusual case of sepsis? A rare presentation of a common disease
An atypical limping teenager
Successful acute and late management of a chemical burn with primary implantation of Boston type 1 keratoprosthesis
Treatment of post-traumatic carotid–cavernous fistulas using pipeline embolization device assistance
Spontaneous regression of intracranial aneurysm following remote ruptured aneurysm treatment with pipeline stent assisted coiling
Submandibular schwannoma
Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis
Fatal Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia in a HIV-negative adult
Sequential argon-YAG laser membranotomy of extensive persistent pupillary membrane with visual loss
Milk-sensitive eosinophilic gastroenteritis in a 2-month-old boy
Malignant cutaneous lesions
Haemoperitoneum secondary to intrahepatic gallbladder perforation
Nodular mucinosis misdiagnosed as non-responsive secondary syphilis
High-risk percutaneous coronary intervention in a patient with a single coronary artery presenting as STEMI and cardiogenic shock
Enterobius granulomas as a cause of abdominal pain
Cardiac devices with class 1C antiarrhythmics
Tolosa-Hunt syndrome
Xanthogranulomatous cystitis with malacoplakia, leading to spontaneous intraperitoneal perforation of the urinary bladder in a 9-year-old girl
Right atrial myxoma mimicking tricuspid stenosis
Spinal epidural abscess and meningitis following short-term epidural catheterisation for postoperative analgaesia
The woman without a history
Varicella zoster virus infection is an unusual cause of splenic rupture
An atypical case of vasospastic angina
Levamisole-contaminated cocaine
Cornelia de Lange syndrome due to mosaic NIPBL mutation
Spontaneous coronary artery dissection
A Meckel's diverticulum presenting as pyogenic liver abscesses
Atrial septal defect and training-induced changes in loading conditions
Idiopathic septic arthritis of a lumbar facet joint associated with paraspinal abscess
Biliary duct hamartomas in polycystic liver disease
Calcinosis universalis in adult-onset dermatomyositis
Malrotation of the gut harbouring midgut volvulus in an adult with situs inversus totalis
Cleidocranial dysostosis
Colonic tumour presenting as discrete upper abdominal mass
A rare case of fever of unknown origin
Lessons learnt from a case of multiple myeloma
Progressive back pain due to epidural hygroma
Consequences of low birth weight, maternal illiteracy and poor access to medical care in rural India
Malpositioned IUCD
Coverage of denuded labial bone resulting from post space preparation with a free gingival autograft
Seizure induced polytrauma; not just posterior dislocation of the shoulder
A light bulb moment
Myxoma of the femur
Glandular odontogenic cyst
Renal cell carcinoma presenting as an upper gastrointestinal bleeding
Effusive-constrictive tuberculous pericarditis in the setting of penetrating abdominal trauma
Partial malrotation of the bowel in an adult patient presenting with abdominal pain
Gorlin-Goltz syndrome in twin brothers
Candy crush
Hydatid disease of bone
Undiagnosed cardiac sarcoidosis presenting as complete heart block and ventricular arrhythmia
Haemodynamic changes due to systemic arterial shunts in a destroyed lung mimicking pulmonary thromboembolism on CT
Isolated CNS Whipple's disease
Pulmonary tumour thrombotic microangiopathy as a cause of new-onset pulmonary hypertension in a patient with metastatic low-grade serous ovarian cancer
A case of a slightly symptomatic exfoliative oesophagitis
A rare case of bilateral chylothorax
Hepatic abscess as a paradoxical response to antituberculous chemotherapy for tubercular lymphadenitis
Juxtacortical haemorrhage in cerebral venous sinus thrombosis
Severe staphylococcal marginal keratitis presenting with hypopyon
An unusual cause of abdominal pain in a middle-aged man
Penile epidermal inclusion cyst
Efficacy and safety of once-monthly paliperidone palmitate long-acting injection in an elderly patient with schizophrenia
The ominous side of a coronary fistula
ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction with anomalous right coronary artery originating from the mid-left anterior descending artery
Diagnosis of an obturator hernia by CT
Medulloblastoma with myogenic differentiation
Unusual cause of intussusception