Abdominal varicosities secondary to inferior vena cava filter thrombosis
Gallstone ileus of the sigmoid colon : an extremely rare cause of large bowel obstruction detected by multiplanar CT
Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome : a guide for the practising clinician
Isolated rupture of teres major in a goalkeeper
Non-syndromic primary maxillary peg central incisors with multiple wormian bones in a 6-year-old boy : an unusual presentation
Unusual cause for gum hypertrophy and skin nodules in a child
Possible ACTH-independent, cortisol-secreting and DHEA-secreting metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma causing Cushing’s syndrome
Combined pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema in hypersensitivity pneumonitis
Haemophilia A in a major trauma patient
Increased internal higher-order aberrations as a useful parameter for indication of vitrectomy in three asteroid hyalosis cases
Persistent groin pain after a bicycle fall
Mixed odontogenic tumour with dentinoid and ghost cells
Meningiomatosis revealed by a major depressive syndrome
Serum sickness-like reaction after influenza vaccination
Natal teeth in premature dizygotic twin girls
Mystery of a cryptogenic stroke solved by an abdominal angiogram
The finding of an undiagnosed long segment tracheal stenosis in a cyanotic child undergoing an arterial switch operation and VSD closure
Lung carcinoma presenting as a solitary, painless frontal bone lump
Tumefactive demyelination presenting during bevacizumab treatment
Right ventricular failure due to late embolic RV infarction during continuous flow LVAD support
Oh rats! Fever, rash and arthritis in a young woman
Difficult diagnosis : internal herniation of the terminal ileum through the foramen of Winslow into the lesser sac
Removal of black stains from teeth by photodynamic therapy : clinical and microbiological analysis
Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) after bariatric surgery—a potential consequence associated with rapid withdrawal of antihypertensive medications
Propionibacterium acnes as a cause of lung abscess in a cardiac transplant recipient
Aplasia of the lung in a neonate—the myth is explored
ANCA negative eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis : sometimes it really IS vasculitis
Fatal thalamic abscess secondary to dental infection
Outcome of cataract surgery following simple limbal epithelial transplantation for lime injury-induced limbal stem cell deficiency
Rare cause of paraparesis : bilateral obturator neuropathy after hysterosalpingectomy
Definitive use of external fixation for pelvic ring injuries (open book/APC2) in pregnancy
Spots of bother
Small intestine perforation due to accidental press-through package ingestion in an elderly patient with Lewy body dementia and recurrent cardiopulmonary arrest
Cough, codeine and confusion
Dapsone hypersensitivity syndrome not related to G6PD deficiency
Endobronchial actinomycosis : successful treatment with oral antibiotics
Cryptococcal eosinophilic meningitis in a patient with sarcoidosis
Bilateral closed flexor pollicis longus musculotendinous junction ruptures
Under seize : neurocysticercosis in an immigrant woman and review of a growing neglected disease
A unilateral purple urine bag syndrome in a patient with bilateral nephrostomy tubes
Symptomatic unicuspid aortic valve
Dystonia not dystopia : effects of the legal high, ‘Clockwork Orange’
Ear and vestibular symptoms in train operators after sudden air pressure changes in trains
Nager acrofacial dysostosis : a rare genetic disorder causing bilateral temperomandibular joint ankylosis in a 10-year-old girl
A fractured tuberosity following attempted extraction
Ziv-aflibercept : a novel option for the treatment of polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy
Double aortic arch : a cause of stridor to remember
Ovarian vein thrombosis in a polytrauma patient
A spontaneously resolving breast lesion : imaging and cytological findings of nodular fasciitis of the breast with FISH showing USP6 gene rearrangement
Delayed diagnosis of a high-grade B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma presenting as an obstructing rectal mass
Synchronous ipsilateral adrenocortical carcinoma and renal cell carcinoma : a rare clinical entity
Localisation of lower gastrointestinal bleeding with 99mTc red blood cell scan and single photon emission CT (SPECT)
Anterior surface opacification of intraocular lenses after Descemet's stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty
Juvenile spondyloarthropathy : an important clinical lesson to remember
Two cases of severe angio-oedema and rationale for their response to icatibant
Locally advanced adenocarcinoma of the rectum presenting with necrotising fasciitis of the perineum : successful management with early aggressive surgery and multimodal therapy
Synchronous phalangeal metastases in upper and lower limbs from primary breast malignancy : a rare case scenario with a review of the literature
Pulmonary ‘mercury’ embolism
A rare cause of recurrent wheeze and seizures
A young man with extensor eruptive skin lesions
Duodenal perforation as result of blunt abdominal trauma in childhood
Phytophotodermatitis : a diagnosis to consider
Thymoma complicated by deep vein thrombosis of the arm
Unexpected cause of respiratory distress
A neonate born with Mycobacterium cosmeticum bacteraemia
Angioleiomyoma of the larynx : beware the subglottic lesion
Floating iris cyst mimicking intravitreal cysticercosis
Cervical spinal cord compression complicating the clinical course of Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 1
Rare case of unilateral optic nerve aplasia
A rare and life-threatening cause of epistaxis
Neuroregression as an initial manifestation in a toddler with acquired pernicious anaemia
Traumatic dislocation of the mandibular lateral incisor into the nasal floor
Tullio phenomenon in superior semicircular canal dehiscence (SSCD)
Two cases of small bowel obstruction secondary to a swallowed potato
Unusual pattern of neonatal hyperhidrosis