Cancer arising from the remnant mucosa of the ileoanal anastomosis leading to pouchectomy
Solitaire stentectomy
Recognising early meningitis
Tamoxifen precipitation of familial hypertriglyceridaemia
Remote care of a patient with stroke in rural Trinidad
Non-lethal Clostridium sordellii bacteraemia in an immunocompromised patient with pleomorphic sarcoma
Silent myocardial infarction secondary to cardiac autonomic neuropathy in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis
Urgent decisions and a tight spot
Orbital myiasis in eviscerated socket and review of literature
Multidrug-resistant Fusarium keratitis
Diabetic ketoacidosis and severe hypertriglyceridaemia as a consequence of an atypical antipsychotic agent
Successful treatment of recurrent pleural and pericardial effusions with tocilizumab in a patient with systemic lupus erythematous
Pleural effusion as a manifestation of multiple myeloma
Single case of purple urine bag syndrome in an elderly woman with stroke
Gastrointestinal stromal tumour masquerading as a cyst in the lesser sac
Post-streptococcal reactive arthritis
Factors affecting illness in the developing world
Lipoma of mandibular buccal vestibule
Non-invasive ventilation for sleep-disordered breathing in Smith-Magenis syndrome
Cor triatriatum sinister with severe obstruction
Calcific tendinitis of biceps femoris
Case of CML lymphoid blast crisis presenting as bilateral breast masses
Puffy feet in a female neonate
Case of coccidioidomycosis in Ireland
What is inside the hernia sac?
Haemophilia-A-related haematoma
Graft-versus-host disease
Expanding the range of immunopathology in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder
Jejunal intussusception caused by metastasis of a giant cell carcinoma of the lung
Congenital cutaneous candidiasis
Renal amyloidosis in leprosy, an infrequent cause of nephrotic syndrome in Europe
Ciprofloxacin and statin interaction
Ultrastructural pathology of human liver in Rift Valley fever
Isolated brain metastasis from a small renal mass
New use for an old drug
Recurrent SDSE bacteraemia resulting in streptococcal toxic shock syndrome in a patient with Noonan syndrome
Thoracic intramedullary chordoma without bone involvement
Rivaroxaban in treatment refractory heparin-induced thrombocytopenia
A curious cause of appendicitis
Transanal endoscopic microsurgery in the management of rectal wall endometriosis
Peduncular psychosis
Ileal perforation associated with dengue in the paediatric age group
Trousseau's sign at the emergency department
Successful treatment of recurrent renal stones with Cinacalcet in a patient with primary hyperparathyroidism
Refractory tension pneumothorax as a result of an internally displaced thoracoamniotic shunt in an infant with a congenital pulmonary airway malformation
Idelalisib-induced pneumonitis
Pregnancy complicated by haemorrhagic ascites in a woman with newly diagnosed HIV
Small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of tracheostomy site in a patient with a history of juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis
Re-emergent tremor in a patient with Parkinson's disease
Rare case of iridofundal coloboma with buried optic nerve head drusen in a paediatric patient
Rare cause of aortic regurgitation
Rapid recovery from catastrophic paraneoplastic anti-NMDAR encephalitis secondary to an ovarian teratoma following ovarian cystectomy
Rare case of gallbladder agenesis presenting with pancreatitis
Pulmonary function test values due to a diaphragmatic hernia
Single benign metastasising leiomyoma of an inguinal lymph node
Spontaneous transvaginal small bowel evisceration 40 years post-abdominal hysterectomy
Progressive outer retinal necrosis-like retinitis in immunocompetent hosts
Cerebral venous thrombosis associated with thyrotoxicosis, the use of desmopressin and elevated factor VIII/von Willebrand factor
Retinopathy of prematurity screening leading to cardiopulmonary arrest
Meckel's diverticular perforation presenting as acute abdomen in the second trimester of pregnancy
Fever and haematochezia
Migration of peripherally inserted central catheter likely into the azygos vein
Calciphylaxis of the breast
Pulmonary cavitary lesion and haemoptysis
Systemic sarcoidosis with hypercalcaemia, hypothalamic–pituitary dysfunction and thyroid involvement
Russell body gastritis in an Hp-negative patient
Morning glory anomaly with peripapillary staphyloma
Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) as a complication of Guillain-Barre’ syndrome (GBS)
Complex odontomas hindering eruption of maxillary permanent teeth
Gastric siderosis as a cause of dyspepsia
Asymptomatic posthaemodialysis femoral arteriovenous fistula